Explosion erupts on container ship vessel at Jebel Ali Port in Dubai


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An explosion and resulting fire has ripped through a container ship at Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, the busiest port within the Middle East. The combustion unleashed a shock wave through the city of Dubai, causing walls and windows to shake in neighborhoods, some as far as 12km away from the scene of the explosion.

The Civil Defense team attended the fire shortly after arriving and managed to control the blaze within 40 minutes of arrival. Sources close to the incident are reporting that an oil tanker was behind the explosion.

Shortly after the incident, Dubai Media Office released a statement through Twitter that read: “”A fire has been reported to have broken out in a container within a ship anchored in Jebel Ali Port. A Dubai Civil Defense team is working to put out the blaze.”

A later Tweet stated: “A fire caused by an explosion within a container on board a ship at Jebel Ali Port has been brought under control; no casualties have been reported.”

The Jebel Ali Port is responsible for much of the regions import and export, and there were initially concerns that the incident could effect movement from within the port. However, the Jebel Ali Port authorities have said they are acting quickly to ensure the normal movement of ships in the port continues without any disruption.

Although little details are known about the ship or the cause of the explosion, the office have confirmed that the ship was preparing to dock when the explosion happened.

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