Feniex ONE: An autonomous controller for emergency vehicles


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Feniex Industries releases the Feniex ONE, the first autonomous controller in the industry. Paired with the Feniex Web, an industry-first live fleet health monitoring software, The Feniex ONE is redefining smart controllers in the emergency vehicle market. A great leap for first responders on the road or at headquarters, the Feniex Web allows direct messaging to the controllers and live updates when vehicles need to be serviced.

“We are connecting the fleet manager to the officers,” says Hamza Deyaf, CEO and founder of Feniex Industries. “Vehicle downtime can cripple a fleet and keeps officers off the road. With this amazing new technology we can reduce vehicle wear and tear and prevent maintenance issues before they even occur.”

The Feniex One Controller is powered by an ARM A9 quad core processor delivering speed and reliability. The controller has 16 customizable 5-color push buttons with 3 additional LCD touch-screen buttons on its integrated digital display. It includes a built-in 200 watt dual-tone siren with a total of 32 programmable outputs and 9 inputs on the siren relay. Plus, there is an integrated GPS that provides vehicle to vehicle global pattern sync. The relay’s data link, quad ports, and serialization reduce wiring by 80% for tremendous ease of installation. Its intuitive software makes setup lightning fast and simple. 

Feniex Industries provides American-made vehicle warning devices for first responders worldwide and continues to be the fastest-growing business in the vehicle warning market with over 100+ employees and 1,000+ dealers and distributors in over 30 countries.

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