FEU to host European Diversity Conference for Fire and Rescue Services


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The Federation of EUropean Fire Officers is set to host the European Diversity Conference for the Strategic Leadership of the European Fire and Rescue Services in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 25-25 April 2023.

The two-day conference will provide attendees with time to reflect, connect and gain knowledge on how to sustain and develop healthy organisations within the European Fire and Rescue Services – with diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values.

Through an interactive approach, the conference aims to: provide the strategic leadership from the Fire and Rescue Services around Europe with strategic tools and insights into WHY and HOW to work with diversity, equity, and inclusion in their own organizations.

It also aims to share international insights, research, and specific methods from around the world on how to implement diversity strategies Рfrom thought to action, and promote and strengthen the efforts toward diversity and inclusion in the European Fire and Rescue Services, by establishing a network in which to establish connections and share diversity-enhancing practices across countries Рalso after the conference ends.

Registration is now open here.

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