FIA commends UK’s efforts towards Ukraine fire fighters

Firefighters Ukraine

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The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has lauded the efforts of UK’s fire industry in its efforts to assist firefighters in Ukraine.

The FIA CEO Ian Moore said it has been an “honour and a humbling experience”. As he lauded members for contributing not just equipment but other resources as well.

“The whole of the fire industry has come together to support the UK deployment of aid through Fire Aid, our charity partner,” Moore said in an official statement on the FIA’s website.

“It has been both an honour and humbling experience to be part of a truly collaborative humanitarian response from the UK.  We are incredibly proud of our sector for their determined and unified effort to help the fire fighters of Ukraine,” he added.

Fire Aid and International Development (Fire Aid), along with the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) are coordinating donations of more than 5,000 items of fire and rescue equipment and PPE which will be sent in convoy to Ukraine.  

Eighteen fire engines, thermal imaging cameras for finding victims, generators, lighting, hoses, rescue equipment, and thousands of sets of PPE are among the items being donated. Every fire service across the UK has stepped in to support these efforts.

Moore said: “Our members have donated time, money, and equipment to supporting the UK Fire Sector Humanitarian response, but most of all they have stood shoulder to shoulder, working alongside all of the great organisations, as a team with a clear objective: to help the fire fighters of Ukraine. We are all united in our desire to do this.”

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