FIA technical managers re-elected to key Euralarm positions

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Robert Thilthorpe re-elected as Chair of the Services Section

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has announced that its Technical Managers have been re-elected to significant positions within Euralarm, as reported by the Fire Industry Association.

Euralarm is a leading European Fire and Security Association, representing over 5,000 member companies and national associations.

Robert Thilthorpe has been re-elected as Chair of the Services Section.

Thilthorpe previously served as Chair of the Horizontal Compliance Technical Committee.

The Services Section advocates for service providers within Euralarm and has contributed to developing European standards for competency in fire and security services, including EN 16763 and Remote Services EN 50710.

Thilthorpe has represented the FIA at Euralarm since 2002.

Neil Budd elected as Vice-Chair of the Fire Section

Neil Budd has been elected as Vice-Chair of the Fire Section within Euralarm.

Since 2019, Budd has represented the FIA in this section.

The Fire Section focuses on the interests of professionals working with Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems.

It plays an essential role in formulating strategies to uphold and enhance Harmonised Product Standards under the Construction Products Regulations, particularly the EN 54 series.

Both Thilthorpe and Budd continue to hold positions on the Euralarm Board.

This ensures that the FIA and the UK voice remain represented in the European Fire and Security sector, maintaining a strong influence in the development of standards and policies.

FIA’s ongoing representation in Euralarm

The re-election of Robert Thilthorpe and the election of Neil Budd to their respective positions highlight the FIA’s continued involvement and influence within Euralarm.

Euralarm provides leadership and expertise for the fire and security industry, influencing market, policymakers, and standards bodies.

Thilthorpe’s extensive experience and longstanding representation of the FIA at Euralarm underscore his commitment to advancing the interests of service providers.

Similarly, Budd’s role as Vice-Chair of the Fire Section ensures continued attention to the needs of professionals working with Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems.

Contributions to European standards

The FIA’s active participation in Euralarm has been pivotal in developing critical European standards.

Thilthorpe’s role in the Services Section and Budd’s involvement in the Fire Section have both contributed to the advancement of standards such as EN 16763 and EN 54.

These standards are vital for ensuring the competency and effectiveness of fire and security services across Europe.

By holding positions on the Euralarm Board, both Thilthorpe and Budd will continue to ensure that the FIA’s perspectives and interests are well-represented.

This ongoing representation helps shape the future of fire and security services within Europe.

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