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Fire at Dartmoor National Park was “accidently started”


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A fire at Dartmoor National Park was accidently started by a member of the public, according to Devon and Somerset Fire Service.

The fire spread through 6km of land, and crews from Tavistock, Plympton, Princetown, Okehampton, Crownhill, Totnes, Chagford, Holsworthy and Crediton were deployed to help tackle the blaze.

Due to extreme weather conditions, the fire services initially struggled to contain the fire. However, the fire burned out overnight and the fire, which was first reported on Thursday, is now extinguished.

A statement released by Devon and Somerset Fire Service read: “Although its winter, wildfires can spread very quickly to a large area, so avoid using any naked flames on the moors, including campfires and BBQs. Please take great care with cigarettes. Wildfires don’t just happen in the summer.”

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