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Fire devastates Warsaw shopping complex affecting numerous traders

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Overview of the incident in Warsaw

A significant fire erupted on Sunday morning, 12 May 2024, at the Marywilska 44 shopping complex in Warsaw, Poland, leading to extensive damage.

The complex, a hub for approximately 1,400 shops and service outlets, saw over 80% of its structure consumed by flames, resulting in the collapse of its roof.

The incident, as reported by AP News, caused no injuries; however, it has left many traders, particularly from the Vietnamese community, in despair over the loss of their livelihoods.

Response from emergency services and the community

The fire department mobilised a large number of emergency responders, including chemical and environmental specialists, to manage the blaze.

Authorities issued warnings to residents to remain indoors and keep windows closed to avoid the smoke.

The Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Poland described the event as a tragic loss, affecting thousands financially and emotionally.

Mirbud, the industrial company owning the complex, confirmed that police investigations into the cause of the fire, which started around 3:30am local time, are ongoing.

Impact on local trade and upcoming support measures

The incident highlights the vulnerability of small traders, especially given that larger shopping centres in Poland are usually closed on Sundays due to a trading ban linked to the previous government’s policies.

The Warsaw city administration has scheduled discussions to consider financial support for the affected traders.

This support is crucial as many small shop owners at the centre typically operate on Sundays, taking advantage of exemptions from the trade ban.

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