Fire Fighters Charity to host health and wellbeing webinars

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The Fire Fighters Charity has lined up a series of webinars to help those in the industry boost their overall wellbeing in the next two months – with topics covering everything from cost of living to stress management.

The charity’s Wellness and Behaviour Change Coaches will be hosting a series of short webinars, covering a range of topics to promote wellbeing, sharing practical tips and advice on everything from finances to stress management, nutrition, sleep, menopause and more.

For those unable to attend, anyone can register and will receive a link to all of the recordings after the series has gone live, to watch them in their own time.

The webinars on offer are as follows

Resourcing your resilience:

  • 13th Jan (12:00): Managing Stress: Understanding how to recognise stress and strategies to help: Register now
  • 7th Feb (18:00): Developing personal resilience: Tools and strategies to build strength and resilience in day-to-day life: Register now
  • 13th Feb (19:00): Sleep and Health: Practical tips to get a better night’s sleep: Register now
  • 15th Feb (15:00): Relaxation and Mindfulness: Introductive techniques to help you relax and be present in the moment: Register now
  • 21st Feb (12:00): Cost of Living: Advice and support on managing your finances: Register now

Health, wellbeing and lifestyle:

  • 17th Jan (12:00): Nutrition and health: Practical strategies to improve your diet: Register now
  • 25th Jan (11:00): Musculoskeletal health: Discover how managing your health and wellbeing can prevent injuries: Register now
  • 30th Jan (10:00): Menopause awareness: Signs and symptoms of menopause and ways of coping: Register now
  • 24th Feb (10:00): Exercise and Mental Health: Understand the link between our physical and mental health, with strategies to become more active: Register now

Flourishing – living your best life:

  • 20th Jan (11:00): Stronger connections: Using strengths to deepen personal relationships: Register now
  • 23rd Jan (13:00): Wellbeing and nature: Exploring the health benefits of the outdoors: Register now
  • 3rd Feb (15:00): ‘What’s Strong With You’? Identifying your personal strengths and how they could boost your wellbeing: Register now
  • 10th Feb (12:00): Positive Pathways to Wellbeing: Introducing the concept of flourishing to improve wellness: Register now

For more information on each webinar, visit the dedicated web page on The Fire Fighters Charity website:

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