Fire industry pledges continuing support to people of Ukraine

Ukraine frefighters

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The UK, Ukraine, Germany and Poland Fire & Rescue Services, with the support of government, FIRE AID and the Fire Industry Association, has pledged to continue to work together to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

Over the last few months, the Ukrainian Fire Service have seen 238 fire stations destroyed, 2000 vehicles destroyed, 41 firefighters have lost their lives and 130 have been injured.

The industry’s pledge to confirm ‘unwavering support’ to the people of Ukraine was made at a two-day summit which took place last week where a joint communique agreed that fire and rescue services would work together to deliver humanitarian aid.

Officials from Ukraine, representatives from the State Fire Service of Poland, German Fire Brigade, the National Fire Chiefs Council, HM Government, Fire Industry Association (FIA) brought together by FIRE AID met to discuss the recent deployments and looked at further ways of working together.

The UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel also met with the delegation in the House of Commons and pledged the government will do all it can to continue to help. The new Fire Minister Sarah Dines also met with the delegation.

Since March, three convoys made up of more than 60 fire appliances containing hoses, helmets, ladders, rescue equipment and protective equipment have been delivered to Ukraine.

Fire services across Europe were instrumental in providing safe passage through Europe – and getting the kit to where it was needed the most.

The kit was donated by UK fire and rescue services and the wider sector, while the convoy was organised by UK charity FIRE AID and International Development, NFCC, EASST and the wider fire industry, with support from the Home Office and other government departments.

Phil Garrigan, NFCC Vice Chair and lead for NFCC’s National Resilience function commented: “It was incredibly humbling to meet the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and the Deputy Head of the State Emergency Service.

“To hear their first-hand accounts of the devastation their country is currently facing means it is more important than ever that we continue to work together. This pledge and joint communique will continue this partnership, supported by fire and rescue services across Europe.

“Our European fire service colleagues who were instrumental in helping us get the convoys across the line were also part of the delegation. Their support meant, kit and equipment reached Ukraine quickly, assisting firefighters as they battle each day in fighting fires and conducting search and rescue in the most difficult conditions imaginable.”

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