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Fire Standards Board confirms agenda for 2022


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A further seven Fire Standards are currently in development by the Fire Standards Board. These include Safeguarding; Fire Investigation; Emergency Preparedness and Resilience; and Data, as well as three Leadership Fire Standards.


This consultation was completed late 2021 with the results and revised standard being presented to the Fire Standards Board in December. Quality assurance has now been completed and this standard is due for publication in January 2022.

Fire Investigation

Consultation for this standard was completed in December. Quality assurance is set to take place in January with expected publication by March 2022.

Emergency Preparedness and Resilience

This standard, which has seen a name change from Emergency Planning and Resilience following peer review feedback, is set to go out for consultation in January 2022.


The Data Fire Standard has been drafted and is due to go out for consultation in spring 2022, depending on feedback from the peer review.

Leadership x 3

These standards are currently in the peer review stage, with consultation set to take place in spring.

All of these standards are in addition to the eight previously published, which are all accompanied by an Implementation Tool:

  • Emergency response driving, 
  • Operational preparedness, 
  • Operational competence, 
  • Operational learning
  • Code of Ethics
  • Community Risk Management Planning
  • Protection, and
  • Prevention

Remaining areas

Research into the remaining areas from the Activity Framework will be explored in the first part of 2022 to clarify a what is envisaged as a third phase of Fire Standards development.

Remaining areas to explore include:

  • Communication, engagement, consultation 
  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Resources (encompassing Procurement, Contract management, Commercial activities, Fleet management, Estates and asset management)
  • Assurance 
  • Digital and Technology 

Opportunities to get involved

The Board rely on the invaluable NFCC networks to reach the subject matter expertise that helps develop the Fire Standards and peer review them. The Board value feedback from all services and stakeholders during the early development stages, during peer review and at formal consultation stage.

If you want to know more, you can join the mailing list to get general updates and notifications by using the contact form

Or, you can get involved in standards development or peer review through volunteering with the NFCC committees and practitioner groups.

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