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Fireco celebrates one millionth sale of Dorgard


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Fireco is celebrating selling its one millionth Dorgard, a product which holds doors open and then automatically closes when it hears a fire alarm, following 25 years of success and a recent quick reaction to market needs during the pandemic.

The door retainer was designed to replace door wedges, which keep doors open but fail to protect the premises or people inside in case of fire.

Now the invention has found even greater popularity as businesses look to find safe ways to keep doors open so that staff no longer need to touch doorknobs or handles, spreading germs in the process.

Expanding the Fireco range

Fireco Founder, Neil Purssey originally dreamt up Dorgard 25 years ago after watching a ‘dancing daisy’ which would dance when there was a sound near it. This got him thinking – what other items would be useful if they were sound activated?

Since then Fireco has designed and released another eight products in its range, with more to come and what was once a small business born in Brighton has expanded to sell its products worldwide.

Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Bussey said: The last six months have been challenging for businesses across the country, so we feel extremely grateful that we have something so positive to celebrate. We are proud to say we have supplied our millionth Dorgard unit.

“Over the last 25 years, Fireco has worked tirelessly on the development and manufacture of innovative products that help keep premises fire safe and help save lives. When COVID-19 hit our business we reacted quickly and recognised the huge importance of Dorgard not only as a fire safety product but as a product that can assist with a premises germ control strategy.

“Since then we have shifted our focus on how we can help and have been pleased to have donated products and services to those in most need. Our team has relished the challenge and we have been privileged in supporting the NHS and other organisations in their fight against COVID-19. 

“Manufacturing in our new premises in Sussex, we are proud to continue investing in engineering and manufacturing in the UK and the local area, together with being an active exporter into Europe and the rest of the world.”

Now the company has taken its offering a step further by, in the space of just three months, designing and launching Germgard, a smart sanitising system.

Germgard uses digital signage to alert users to sanitise their hands before gaining entry. This system can be used stand-alone or can be integrated with access control, automatic doors and electronic door locks, making the use of hand sanitiser a requirement before access is allowed.

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