FireSmart BC offers guidance on wildfire preparedness

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In the midst of what is described as the worst wildfire season British Columbia has ever experienced, millions of hectares have already succumbed to the raging fires across the province.

A report from FireSmart BC emphasises the importance of being prepared in these dire situations.

Knowing what to do in an emergency

For those unsure of emergency procedures during a wildfire, FireSmart BC has provided vital information to aid residents.

The aim is to ensure the safety of both individuals and their properties. Information includes how to handle the situation for yourself, your family, and even your pets.

Residents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this information, available on the FireSmart BC website.

Steps to take for wildfire preparedness

Creating a sound evacuation plan

PreparedBC offers a plethora of information to guide individuals in creating a comprehensive evacuation strategy.

This includes planning for all members of the household, as well as assisting vulnerable individuals in the community.

Such preparation ensures everyone’s safety in the event of an evacuation alert or order.

Getting your home ready

To enhance your home’s resistance against wildfires, there’s a specific checklist recommended by FireSmart BC.

This encompasses tasks such as clearing your roof and gutters of debris, mowing grass near your home to a specific length, and securing a non-combustible zone around the property.

Residents are also advised to relocate any combustibles near the home, including objects on or under decks, to a safer location, either inside the house or the garage.

Staying updated on evacuation alerts and orders

It’s imperative to be aware of the fire danger rating in your community.

FireSmart BC provides a Last Minute Checklist to ensure readiness in case of an alert or order.

During an evacuation alert, it’s crucial to be ready to vacate immediately if an evacuation order is announced.

Once an evacuation order is given, preparation time is over, and residents should head to their local evacuation centre.

All resources mentioned can be found and shared from the website.

IFSJ Comment

Wildfires have become an increasingly prevalent threat, particularly in regions like British Columbia.

The steps laid out by FireSmart BC not only provide a roadmap for individual safety but also emphasise the collective responsibility of communities.

Such preparation aids emergency response teams, reduces strain on resources, and most importantly, saves lives.

We would encourage residents in vulnerable areas worldwide to utilise resources such as this to increase there wildfire preparedness.

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