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FLAIM Systems awarded new contract by the Australian Army for immersive training technology

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Australian Army engages FLAIM for immersive countermine training solution

FLAIM Systems has secured a $A1.32 million contract from the Australian Army to expand its immersive training technology, the FLAIM Sweeper.

This system is designed to enhance the skills of defence combat engineers in landmine detection and clearance, and provides explosive hazard awareness training for all deploying personnel.

The contract involves purchasing multiple systems for an extended trial and user evaluation at the Army’s School of Military Engineering, as well as its Combat Engineer and Special Operations Engineer Regiments.

Training technology and its impact

The FLAIM Sweeper, combining high-resolution virtual environments with industry-standard mine detection equipment, provides a comprehensive and realistic training experience.

This system integrates high-fidelity virtual minefields and explosive hazard training lanes, complemented by embedded haptic feedback to simulate a realistic mine clearance experience.

The technology is aimed at building procedural muscle memory and tactical proficiency, incorporating a ‘reps and sets’ approach and facilitating After-Action-Reviews after each training session.

Background and official statements

The award follows a successful demonstration of the FLAIM Sweeper during the 2023 Phase 1 Proof of Concept, initiated through the Defence Innovation Hub.

This demonstration underscored the value of immersive learning to complement traditional field training.

Dr James Mullins, Head of Innovation at FLAIM Systems, expressed his views on the contract: “We are humbled to have been awarded a contract to continue to develop and deliver the FLAIM Sweeper for use by the Australian Army.

“Immersive learning is an effective solution for skills acquisition and maintenance for environments that are too dangerous or difficult to replicate in real life.”

Colonel Charles Slinger, Director of Combat Support at Army Headquarters, also commented on the project: “The FLAIM Sweeper is a valuable product that we are glad to support and further develop.”

IFSJ comment

FLAIM Systems’ collaboration with the Australian Army to enhance immersive training solutions marks a significant step forward in military training technology.

This partnership not only aims to improve the safety and efficacy of mine clearance operations but also showcases the growing importance of immersive learning in military contexts.

The integration of the FLAIM Sweeper into the Royal Australian Engineer Corp’s annual Skills Competition, The Steele Cup, further highlights the system’s critical role in advancing military preparedness.

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