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FLAIM Systems donates firefighter training system to Ukraine

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Donation to State Emergency Services of Ukraine

FLAIM Systems has donated a FLAIM Trainer to the State Emergency Services of Ukraine.

This donation, in collaboration with North Fire and the Ukrainian Firefighters Foundation, aims to provide realistic firefighter training to prepare first responders for frontline duties.

The State Emergency Services of Ukraine face significant challenges due to the unpredictable and frequent nature of firefighting incidents.

The need for rapid upskilling is essential to meet the demands of frontline duty.

Limited access to resources and facilities has made it difficult for firefighters to train effectively.

In response, FLAIM and North Fire, alongside the Ukrainian Firefighters Foundation, have provided a FLAIM Trainer System to ensure firefighters can train for a variety of complex scenarios.

Innovative training technology

The FLAIM Trainer combines virtual fire scenarios with haptic feedback and industry-standard equipment, offering realistic firefighter training.

This system has been deployed in over 40 countries worldwide, equipping firefighters with the necessary skills to respond effectively to dangerous situations.

Simon Miller, CEO at FLAIM Systems, said: “FLAIM was initiated with the goal to provide accessible firefighter training to first responders, with the belief that everyone who needs to fight fires should be equipped with the necessary skills to safely and effectively respond to the dangerous nature of the task.

“By collaborating with North Fire and the Ukrainian Firefighters Foundation, we were able to donate a FLAIM Trainer to provide accessible firefighter training and assist with upskilling new recruits.”

Impact on Ukrainian firefighters

The donation is set to make a significant impact on the training and preparedness of Ukrainian firefighters.

Oliver North, Founder and Managing Director of North Fire, said: “FLAIM Systems have, with this donation, given the firefighters of Ukraine a truly world-class conduit to refine the skills and competency of firefighters, in what is a hugely challenging arena that they operate in.”

North also noted the importance of this donation: “I brought the system to Kyiv this week onboard another firefighting vehicle which we have donated alongside my brilliant colleagues at the Ukrainian Firefighters Foundation.

“Significantly, this is the very first system of its type in the country which is going to make a huge difference to the brave rescuers of Ukraine.”

IFSJ comment

The donation of the FLAIM Trainer to the State Emergency Services of Ukraine highlights the importance of accessible and realistic training for firefighters.

This initiative, supported by FLAIM Systems, North Fire, and the Ukrainian Firefighters Foundation, addresses the urgent need for advanced training solutions in a country facing frequent and unpredictable firefighting challenges.

The introduction of the FLAIM Trainer in Ukraine will enhance the skills and preparedness of firefighters, enabling them to handle complex and dangerous situations more effectively.

This collaboration underscores the commitment of international organisations to support and improve firefighting capabilities in regions with limited access to advanced training resources.

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