Exclusive: Anti-fog protection for eyewear

To ensure the best visibility and to reduce the probability of accidents, eyewear that doesn’t fog is essential 

Your unique set of skills, knowledge and precision is what makes you great at your job. Choosing the right personal protective equipment for the task at hand enables you to give your full potential regardless of the situation that you are tasked with.  

Indeed, your environment may impact your abilities to see clearly, hence impacting precision and increasing the risk of accidents in the workplace, at both your workstation and on your way to work. It is therefore important for you to be confident in your eyewear to protect you from fog-obscured vision. 

Temperature variation and humidity may indeed create fog on your safety eyewear, which ultimately blurs your vision. Fogging is indeed the first challenge met by eyewear users which can ultimately lead to a decrease in your productivity as well as increase the chances of being involved in an accident. 

The effect is increased as you give your best to your job and your body temperature and perspiration increases, naturally impacting the temperature variation between your body heat and the cooler environment surrounding you. 

Whether you need prescription or plano safety eyewear, the probability is high that you already experienced the fogging up of your lenses while being focused on your duty, resulting in a slower pace, more approximative movements and overall discomfort. 

Finding the right solution 

While wearing other PPE such as helmets, face masks or respirators, this phenomenon is even more common, increasing the need for an efficient, simple, and durable solution so that you always stay at your best and ensure visual clarity. 

PPE eyewear manufacturers have been working intensively over the last few years to engineer more effective anti-fog solutions, whether as coatings or sprays to ensure both protection and comfort to users are maintained in all occupations. 

After optimising every aspect of their coating’s technical performance and analysing all of the solutions available on the market, Bollé Safety launched PLATINUM: an exclusive anti-fog and anti-scratch coating applied on both sides of the lens through a dipping process to provide the highest durability and effectiveness. Engineered with hydrophilic properties, PLATINUM uses the natural humidity to create a homogeneous, colourless film of water on the surface of the lens which acts like a water repellent to ensure optimal clarity.

This innovative coating goes beyond all international standards (K & N rated under EN166 standard) to ensure you get the best visibility so that you are in the optimal position to give your best and maintain performance. Four times more resistant to fogging and twice more resistant to abrasion than EN166 requirements, PLATINUM provides exceptional performance, encompassing resistance to both autoclave cycles and to the most extreme temperature to protect you regardless of your work environment. 

Because you don’t always require the most advanced anti-fog solution to have a clear vision and be in full capacity of your movements, Bollé Safety developed PLATINUM LITE a simpler version of the coating that provides effective anti-scratch & anti-fog properties for you to always stay alert and maintain visual comfort. 

Whichever coating you would use, PLATINUM & PLATINUM LITE coatings are both durable and washable to reduce their carbon footprint while enabling you to use the product all day long and every day with peace of mind. 

Available on safety glasses, prescription eyewear, goggles, OTG and face shields, the PLATINUM range of coatings are a must have for every worker. No matter your work environment, it is recommended to use optimal anti-fog coatings such as PLATINUM with sealed/positive safety glasses or with poor ventilated eyewear that reduces air circulation as they increase fogging risks. Indeed, your body heat is often enough to create fog in these circumstances. 

As you may be using safety eyewear without a fog-resistant coating, manufacturers have developed anti-fog sprays that create a fog protective layer onto the lens. Bollé Safety’s latest product, the B300, is one of the most effective products on the market and was specifically designed to provide the best protection on all lens materials without damaging other coatings such as anti-reflective. The B300 optimal performances make it an asset to your team’s results and can be used in all situations, on both your professional equipment and your personal reading glasses. 

As visual comfort and performance go hand in hand, you deserve your safety eyewear to show you what they are truly made of. See for yourself and unleash your full potential. 

130 years of innovation

Today, Bollé Safety is distributed in over 90 countries and over 15 million workers wear protective spectacles bearing the Bollé Safety signature. Founded in 1888 in Oyonnax, France, the Bollé family originally designed and manufactured combs and hair accessories from horn. In 1936 the company launched the production of sunglasses and optical frames in Celluloid and then Rhodoid. After the Second World War, Bollé became the pioneer of molded nylon, with products that met the highest standards of that time.

The first pair of goggles and masks were added to the Bollé range of products in 1950. The Bollé brands have grown from their small workshop beginnings to become a leading global manufacturer of quality eyewear. Today, more than 100 years later, Bollé products are distributed and worn in all parts of the worldAfter more than a century, our vision remains the same, to protect workers’ vision in the various harshest environments and improve their performance. Every day we go further to satisfy the needs of our clients.