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Four trends to propel Europe’s Passive Fire Proofing System market


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According to a recent study from market research firm Graphical Research, the Europe Passive Fire Proofing System Market size is projected to reach a valuation USD $7 billion by 2027.

According to Graphical Research, governments are laying down stringent laws and policies to encourage fire safety drills across organizations and residential complexes and so people are also becoming aware of the significance of using fireproof systems, further boosting their installation.

Large-scale public infrastructure projects, such as hospitals and airports are rising at a notable rate in Luton, Brighton, Manchester, and Birmingham which will offer growth opportunities for the region’s construction sector and for the industry participants.

Graphical Research identified four trends that will propel industry demand and expanding the regional industry size:

  • Strong use of passive fireproofing in structural steel protection:

Europe passive fire proofing system market share from the structural steel protection segment will be valued at over USD $1.5 billion by 2027. Steel is considered as an ideal raw material to prepare the basic structure of any establishment. The structures are still prone to fire accidents which is why fireproofing systems are being installed across residential and industrial buildings.

  • Institutional construction activities to gather considerable momentum:

Europe passive fire proofing systems market size from institutional construction will record 4% CAGR through 2027 as this type of construction is one of the largest consumers of passive fireproofing solutions. Fireproofing measures must be taken to ensure that a building’s structure can withstand fire and prevent it from reaching the maximum temperature at which it will completely collapse. These systems are popularly used across high-rise buildings, sports stadiums, and other developments.

  • Fireproof glasses will offer long-term protection:

Fire-resistant glasses took around 14.5% of Europe passive fire proofing system market share in 2020. This type of glass can provide long-term protection against all kinds of fires, with one of the most important properties being its ability to stop the fire from spreading to other areas. Fireproof glass is widely used in building entrances, glass partitions, and doors. Features, such as low maintenance, efficient temperature radiation, durability, and high safety quality will contribute to product adoption.

  • Commercial end-users will increase reliance on passive fireproofing solutions:

Europe passive fire proofing system market from commercial end-users will generate USD 5 billion revenue by 2027. The construction sector of the region is showing incredible expansion, thanks to rising income levels, urbanization, and continual economic development. Regulatory bodies are introducing a tight framework and guidelines to prevent fire mishaps from taking place in the future, one of them being the deployment of passive fire proofing systems.

Graphical Research said: “Europe passive fire proofing system industry value will grow at an appreciable rate in the future due to the favorable policies introduced by governments. UK Performance Doorsets Ltd., Rapp Bomek AS, Chase Industries, Inc., Saint-Gobain S.A., Assa Abloy AB, and Promat are a few renowned providers of passive fireproofing solutions. These include fire dampers, doors, stops, fire-proof walls & floors, glasses, and structural steel protection. These products will find notable use in residential, institutional, and commercial sectors.”

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