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Foxlink’s faulty fire safety systems blamed for blaze


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Much of the fire safety equipment at Apple supplier Foxlink’s facility in southern India was not functional, a government official told Reuters on Tuesday, a day after a blaze put a stop to production at the maker of iPhone charging cables.

Except for fire extinguishers, the facility’s safety systems including smoke detectors, sprinklers and fire hydrants were found to be faulty, leading to a slower response in containing the fire, said J Ramanaiah, who leads the Fire Services Department in the region.

“The smoke detector was not activated and fire alarms didn’t go off,” Ramanaiah added.

The regional fire department will submit a report on the incident to state authorities, which will decide whether to investigate the matter further, said Shuvana Sony, zone manager of the industrial park where the plant is located.

Foxlink exports charging cables and some other equipment to countries including China and Hong Kong with total exports worth $32.2 million since 2022, according to figures from a private customs data provider. Last year, the data indicates Foxlink exported around 7 million USB-C to lightning cables from India, and in January shipped 1.6 million units. Around 98% of exports were cables.

The factory, which is located in the Chittoor district of India’s Andhra Pradesh state, reported it is unlikely to resume full operations for two months, which could raise supply chain concerns for the US tech giant. A police official said on Monday there was an estimated loss of $12 million at the factory.

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