Fredrik Rosén takes on the role of Business Line Manager for Material Handling at Dafo Vehicle

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Dafo Vehicle, known for its excellence in safety for vehicles in high-risk sectors, has appointed Fredrik Rosén as their Business Line Manager for Material Handling.

This news comes as the company looks to strengthen its foothold in the material handling sector, serving its global clientele.

A strategic shift for Dafo Vehicle

Fredrik Rosén has been an instrumental figure in Dafo Vehicle since its beginnings.

His shift from being the Business Manager for Middle East and Africa, and later the Marketing Manager, signifies a dedicated move towards enhancing the company’s expertise in the material handling sector.

Upcoming engagements and industry impact

In line with his new role, Rosén is scheduled to attend the Autumn Port Equipment Manufacturing Association (PEMA) meeting from 10th to 11th October in Miami.

This meeting aims to develop a position paper, stemming from an ongoing investigation.

The investigation by a designated task group will shed light on the importance of fire suppression systems in port equipment to ensure the utmost safety.

Furthermore, the paper seeks to rally support from insurance firms, port operators, AHJs, and other significant stakeholders.

Their collective goal is to promote the compulsory installation of fire suppression systems on such high-risk vehicles, enhancing safety standards at ports worldwide.

Fredrik Rosén stated: “Taking on the role of Business Line Manager for Material Handling at Dafo is a moment of pride.

“Leading our dedicated team, we aim to bring advanced fire protection solutions to port handling equipment globally.

“Our vision is to usher in a new era of safety and innovation in the ports sector.”

IFSJ Comment

The appointment of Fredrik Rosén at Dafo Vehicle holds significant relevance for the fire and safety sector.

Dafo Vehicle’s strategic move signals an intensified focus on the material handling domain, a crucial area given the high risks involved.

As the industry continues to evolve, the emphasis on robust fire protection systems for port equipment cannot be overstated.

Rosén’s leadership and the company’s dedication to this cause promise a safer and more secure future for port operations worldwide.

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