Free online mental health first aid sessions for professionals on 21st June from FRFA

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FRFA invites businesses to mental health first aid taster sessions

First Response First Aid (FRFA) Ltd is inviting businesses and employees to participate in a mental health first aid taster session to improve recognition of mental health issues and promote wellbeing.

As reported by First Responder First Aid, the online sessions will be provided free of charge on 21st June 2024.

These sessions aim to empower professionals across various industries, including healthcare and childcare, by boosting mental health awareness and fostering healthier, more supportive workplaces.

Free online sessions on mental health awareness

The hour-long taster sessions, typically valued at £79 per person, will offer participants an overview of the essential skills and knowledge needed to support mental health effectively.

These sessions will introduce crucial topics and techniques covered in FRFA’s accredited mental health training courses.

Participants can choose between two informative sessions.

The Adult Mental Health First Aid session provides insights into recognising and responding to mental health challenges in adults.

This session will take place on Friday 21 June 2024 from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

The Youth Mental Health First Aid session, tailored for childcare professionals, introduces valuable skills to support young individuals’ mental wellbeing.

This session is scheduled for Friday 21 June 2024 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.

Importance of mental health training in the workplace

Ben Buxton, Head of Business Development at FRFA, highlighted the importance of these sessions: “We are excited to offer these enriching taster sessions to professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of mental health.

“This is a unique opportunity to explore the transformative impact of mental health first aid in diverse workplace settings.”

The taster sessions aim to provide a glimpse into the full training courses offered by FRFA, encouraging businesses to invest in comprehensive mental health education for their staff.

By promoting mental health awareness, FRFA seeks to create more supportive and understanding workplace environments.

Registration details for the sessions

Registration and further details on the mental health first aid taster sessions can be found on the FRFA website.

The initiative is part of FRFA’s broader commitment to improving mental health support and education across various sectors.

Participants are encouraged to sign up early, as spaces are limited.

The sessions are expected to draw interest from a wide range of professionals eager to enhance their mental health literacy and contribute to healthier work environments.

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