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GALLET F2XR to support TEAM 18 at the Endurance World Championship


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Several years ago, in 2017, MSA Safety established a partnership with Team 18 Sapeurs-Pompiers – a Motorcycle Endurance Team originally created by French Firefighters, and equipped the technical service crew with the rescue helmets. Formed by professional and volunteer firefighters, Team 18 competes in the Endurance World Championship alongside other professional motorbike racers.  In addition to their racing efforts,  the team leads an awareness campaign for safe motorcycling. After many years, the relationship between MSA and TEAM 18 is still going strong!  This year,  MSA was proud to support  Team 18 during the Bol d’Or Grand Prix by providing them with the company’s newest generation of rescue helmets – the GALLET F2XR.

Head protection that’s approved by the International Motorcycling Federation

The members of motorcyclist technical service are exposed to many risks, including smoke, liquid splashes, and dust. Therefore, they need protection for the head, face and ears, which can support them in extraordinary conditions where safety, precision, and time play a key role.

1-ISJ- GALLET F2XR to support TEAM 18 at the Endurance World Championship

MSA Safety’s GALLET F2XR technical rescue helmet is ready to take on long-lasting rescue missions with optimal safety and is suitable for a diverse range of operations, including responding to road traffic collisions,  wildland fires and water rescue scenarios. It is certified to EN16473, a standard approved by the International Motorcycle Federation (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) for the technical service crew.

Optimum ocular, face, and hearing protection

The GALLET F2XR’s ocular visor is fully integrated into the helmet. The face fit of the visor is adjustable in height and depth to be suitable for all wearers, including those who wear eyeglasses on a daily basis.  Easy installation and removal of the visor are ensured by a unique system of push and pull.  In addition to the integrated ocular visor, the GALLET F2XR offers an extended and robust polycarbonate face shield and a mesh visor shield that are easy to install and remove. Goggles can be easily and quickly attached with just two clicks and remain secure with a magnetic adjustment system.

The eye and face protection helps protect a wearer against a multitude of hazards, including impact, smoke, heat, hot solids, dust, wind, UV radiation, and injury from electric splash risks.

Additionally, fully integrated electronic ear muffs, which too are easy to attach, enhance protection from hazardous noise without blocking out the important background sounds or important messages from other crew members.

Product innovations for safety

When we create our products, we’re guided by a single question: how do we meet and exceed our customers’ safety needs? We solicit feedback from customers worldwide, we listen closely, and we make sure we incorporate their ideas into ALL of our product lines at MSA.  We are proud that the GALLET brand can help keep members of Team 18 safe in their professional activities as well as accompany them in their social responsibility endeavors.

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