Gautam Budh Nagar fire department completes delayed fire safety audit


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Fire safety audit findings in Gautam Budh Nagar

As reported by The Hindustan Times, a 15-day fire safety audit in Gautam Budh Nagar, which aimed to check the firefighting systems of high-rise buildings, was completed after two months due to elections and VIP movements.

Fire officials stated that 125 high-rises in the district were found with faulty firefighting systems, resulting in notices and cases against many of them.

Chief Fire Officer Pradeep Kumar Chaubey said: “The 15-day fire safety audit that began on March 11 was completed after a long delay due to elections and VIP movements in the district.

“We have checked 348 societies, out of which notices were served to 125 for violating fire safety norms and operating faulty firefighting systems.”

Legal actions and fines imposed

The fire department has taken further steps to enforce compliance with fire safety norms.

Cases have been registered against 77 societies, and fines have been imposed on three of them.

Chaubey added: “We have also registered cases against 77 societies and imposed a hefty fine on three of them.”

During this drive, around 3,154 towers of 348 societies were also checked individually.

The fire department has requested strict action against high-rise societies for faulty firefighting systems.

Fire safety violations and penalties

The fire safety audit included checks on various firefighting equipment and systems.

Violations can result in severe penalties, including imprisonment or fines.

During the audit, fire officials checked pipes, pumps, water sprinklers, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers.

Violations of fire safety norms can lead to imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine of up to ₹1 lakh, said an official.

Record fire incidents in April

April has once again recorded the highest number of fire incidents for the third consecutive year.

According to the fire department data, 805 fire incidents were reported from January to April 2024.

In the last four months, 121 fire cases were reported in January, 136 in February, 182 in March, and 366 in April.

An official noted: “2,070 fire incidents were reported in 2018; 1,729 incidents in 2019; 1,246 in 2020; 1,372 in 2021; 1,514 in 2022, and 1,530 in 2023.”

IFSJ Comment

The completion of the fire safety audit in Gautam Budh Nagar, despite delays, highlights the persistent challenges in ensuring fire safety compliance in high-rise buildings.

The audit’s findings, with 125 high-rises identified for faulty systems, underscore the importance of regular and thorough inspections.

The rise in fire incidents, particularly in April, points to the need for heightened vigilance during warmer months.

The fire department’s comprehensive checks and the severe penalties for violations aim to mitigate the risk of fire incidents.

Regular maintenance of firefighting systems, including pipes, pumps, sprinklers, alarms, and extinguishers, is crucial for the safety of residents in high-rise buildings.

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