Geofire relocates production to Bangalore facility


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Geofire expands fire safety product manufacturing to Bangalore

Geofire has announced the relocation of the manufacturing of several key fire safety products to its British Engines Group facility in Bangalore, India.

The products that will now be produced at the SG India facility include the Type 87 Doormouse, Type 59 Conquest, and the Agrippa acoustic fire door holder.

This strategic move aims to leverage the identical CNC capability and cutting tool technology of the 7,000 square feet Indian facility, ensuring rigorous quality control measures comparable to those in the UK.

Both the UK and Indian facilities have been audited and approved by Bureau Veritas for ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 standards and Warrington Fire for the EN1155 FPC.

All products will also carry the CE mark specific to the SG India manufacturing facility.

Details of relocated product manufacturing

Geofire’s Type 87 Doormouse is a door holder designed to prevent doors from slamming shut during fire incidents, facilitating safe evacuation by holding doors open securely.

The Type 59 Conquest fire door holder combines functionality with aesthetics, providing reliable fire door control while maintaining an unobtrusive appearance.

The Agrippa acoustic fire door holder uses innovative technology to hold fire doors open legally and safely.

These products will be manufactured in the new Bangalore facility, ensuring consistency in quality and adherence to international standards.

Commitment to transparency and compliance

In the coming months, Geofire will adapt the labelling requirements to reflect the change in the Country-of-Origin.

This adjustment aims to ensure transparency and compliance with regulatory standards.

The SG India facility’s adoption of the same technology and quality control measures as the UK facility underscores Geofire’s commitment to maintaining high-quality standards across its global operations.

Enhancing global presence through strategic relocation

Geofire’s expansion to India not only bolsters its global presence but also demonstrates its dedication to delivering reliable fire safety solutions worldwide.

The new facility is expected to play a significant role in the company’s ongoing success.

IFSJ comment

Geofire’s strategic decision to relocate part of its production to Bangalore is a noteworthy development in the fire safety industry.

This move aligns with the broader trend of companies leveraging global facilities to enhance their operational efficiency and maintain consistent product quality.

The identical technological capabilities and quality control measures in the Indian facility ensure that the fire safety products manufactured there will meet the same standards as those produced in the UK.

This is particularly important for products like the Type 87 Doormouse and the Agrippa acoustic fire door holder, which play crucial roles in ensuring safety during fire incidents.

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