Ghent University graduate wins Ragnar Wighus Award for 2024

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Graduate to present thesis at international Water Mist Conference

A Ghent University graduate has won the Ragnar Wighus Award for the second consecutive year.

Cédric van de Vondel was announced as the winner for his master thesis on numerical modelling of water mist.

As reported by the International Water Mist Association (IWMA), van de Vondel will present his thesis at the annual international Water Mist Conference (#IWMC2024) in Antwerp, Belgium, on 18th and 19th September.

Van de Vondel expressed his gratitude: “Winning this award for my thesis on numerical modelling of water mist is a tremendous honour.

“I’m grateful to my supervisor, Prof. Dr. Tarek Beji, and the IMFSE institute for their invaluable knowledge and support.

“I am excited to share my research and its potential impact on the water mist field.”

Ragnar Wighus Award history and significance

The Ragnar Wighus Award, sponsored by the IWMA, recognises outstanding research in the field of water mist technology.

Previously known as the IWMA Young Talent Award, it was renamed in 2023 in memory of the former and late president, Ragnar Wighus.

The award has been given annually since 2016 to promising young researchers.

The IWMA Scientific Council, chaired by Max Lakkonen from IFAB, evaluates the submissions.

The award aims to promote innovative research and development in water mist technology, fostering advancements that could benefit the industry.

Future of the Ragnar Wighus Award

In 2025, the Ragnar Wighus Award will transition to recognising the best Ph.D. thesis in water mist research.

This change aims to encourage and reward higher levels of academic research within the field, furthering the impact and understanding of water mist technology.

The IWMA continues to support young researchers by providing platforms for them to present their work and gain recognition within the industry.

The annual conference in Antwerp will serve as a significant opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing among professionals and researchers.

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