Grenfell inquiry recommendations not enacted by government


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Changes in guidelines and recommendations made by the inquiry committee following the Grenfell disaster are yet to be acted on, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has stated.

The guidelines for large-scale evacuations, published in October 2019, have been “failed to complete a single recommendation” from the first phase of a public inquiry into the devastating Grenfell Tower fire.

The inquiry, which looked at where the June 2017 fire originated and how it spread to kill 72 residents in the north Kensington tower block, published its findings in a report in October 2019, The Guardian reported.

The report recommends vital changes that require the owners of high-rise residential building to carry out regular inspections of lifts, share floorplan details, and cladding materials with their local fire and rescue service. It also urged the development of national guidelines for large-scale evacuations.

To date, none of these recommendations has been implemented, and no deadline has been provided by the government for when they will be, according to the mayor’s office, it was reported.

A spokesperson for the Justice4Grenfell campaign said: “From the day of the fire, there has been no real political will for accountability or action. It is in the gift of the government to grant an inquiry; they agree the terms of reference; they appoint the judge; yet there is no legal requirement for them to take on board recommendations and findings of [the] inquiries.”

Khan said he was “extremely concerned” by the lack of progress made by the government since the first phase of the inquiry was published more than two years ago. On the other hand, Khan said, the London fire brigade had completed 26 out of 29 recommendations directed towards them and other fire and rescue services. Various safety regulations have been introduced by the brigade, such as the use of smoke hoods to aid in the rescue of civilians in smoke-filled environments, and the use of 32-metre and 64-metre ladders to help tackle fires in high-rise buildings. It has also, the mayor said, rolled out an extensive training programme specifically for the brigade’s updated response to high-rise fires.

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