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Grenfell Tower Inquiry announces publication date for Phase 2 report

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Grenfell Tower Inquiry: Phase 2 report publication details

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry has announced the publication date for its Phase 2 report.

As reported by The Grenfell Tower Inquiry, the report will be released on Wednesday 4 September 2024.

The Inquiry has informed core participants of the update, stating that further details regarding the publication arrangements will be provided in due course.

In line with rule 17 of the Inquiry Rules 2006, core participants will receive copies of the report on Tuesday 3 September 2024 under embargo.

Embargo and distribution

The core participants will be given access to the report before its public release.

This measure ensures that those involved can review the findings ahead of the general public.

The Inquiry’s decision to distribute the report under embargo aligns with its commitment to maintaining transparency and fairness in the dissemination of its findings.

Details about the public release and any related events will be shared closer to the publication date.

Timeline and next steps

The announcement marks a significant step in the ongoing Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

The Phase 2 report is expected to provide comprehensive insights into the factors leading to the Grenfell Tower fire and the response to the tragedy.

Stakeholders and the general public are advised to stay informed about upcoming announcements from the Inquiry, which will outline the exact procedures for accessing the report and any scheduled briefings or presentations.

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