Guidance documents to improve competence standards in residential sector released by Building Safety Alliance

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New competence standards for residential sector

The Building Safety Alliance, a collaborative initiative of leading industry figures, associations, and bodies, has announced the publication of two new documents aimed at improving competence standards and attracting qualified professionals to the residential occupied sector.

As reported by the Building Safety Alliance, these documents are designed to help organisations meet the requirements of the new building safety regime and its regulations related to competence.

The two documents, BSAS 01:2024 Organisational Capability Management System Standard and Guidelines, outline competence expectations for stakeholders involved in specifying, procuring, and managing services for high-rise and higher-risk residential buildings in England.

These resources are essential for organisations seeking to enhance competence within their building safety functions.

Importance of competence management

In an evolving industry landscape where competence management is under increasing scrutiny, stakeholders must demonstrate their commitment to upholding rigorous standards.

Clients will require tangible proof of competence management, which means organisations within the supply chain must ensure the proficiency of their workforce, including contracted and subcontracted personnel.

The development of these documents highlights the dedication and expertise of industry professionals who contributed to their creation.

Anthony Taylor of the Building Safety Alliance stated: “The Alliance wish to thank all those who have given their valuable time and knowledge to developing common approaches to the requirements of the new regulatory regime.

“We would also extend our thanks to those representatives of BSR and DLUHC who acted as observers to the groups who have been developing these documents over many months.”

Availability and future developments

The Standard and Guidelines documents are available immediately through the Building Safety Alliance website.

The Standard is set to become part of the British Standards Institute (BSI) standards development process, potentially leading to a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) or a full British Standard (BS).

Both documents are available free of charge, and those interested in the Standard will be engaged in a feedback process.

IFSJ comment

The Building Safety Alliance’s release of these guidance documents marks a significant step in enhancing competence standards within the residential occupied sector.

By providing clear competence expectations and aligning with the new building safety regime, these documents offer vital resources for organisations to improve their building safety functions.

The collaboration between industry professionals and regulatory bodies in developing these standards underscores the importance of a unified approach to building safety.

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