Halspan launches fire door inspection service

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Fire door safety systems leader Halspan has introduced the Halspan Inspection Services to expand its existing range of products and services, helping facility managers and building owners meet today’s building safety standards.

The Scottish business launched the inspection services at a critical time for the sector: in 2021, 147,295 fire-related emergencies and 280 resulting fatalities were recorded by Gov.uk. Faulty or outdated fire door systems are a known risk factor for fire-related deaths, providing little to no protection against the spread of hot gases and smoke.

Halspan’s new service seeks to minimise this risk. Established in response to the Fire Safety Act 2021 and mounting pressure on building owners to ensure compliance, Halspan Inspection Services enable organisations and individuals to meet their legal obligation and satisfy the requirements of the so-called ‘Golden Thread’.

Delivered by Halspan accredited inspectors, the process assesses whether a building’s fire safety assets are correctly installed and maintained using the Halspan Tracker, providing corrective measures for any component that does not meet the necessary standard.

Launched in 2022, the Halspan Tracker uses a smart tag fitted on a fire door to act as a record of its history and quality assurance for inspectors. Halspan-accredited inspectors can review this record instantly before completing a comprehensive step-by-step inspection and delivering their assessment.

Simon Kelly, Operations Manager – Inspection Services, said: “Halspan Inspection Services will help ensure continued compliance and peace of mind for any responsible person tasked with building fire safety.  

“For building owners and facility managers, this innovative new service gives access to a fire door safety system’s complete installation and maintenance record to help keep it safe and minimise risk.”  

“Over the last 25 years, Halspan has consistently innovated to maximise fire safety compliance and ensure the highest standards throughout the supply chain. Halspan Inspection Services raises the bar for our industry.  

“Our inspection services are carried out in accordance with the Halspan Inspection Charter and following the Halspan Inspection Protocol, ensuring consistency and accuracy every time.”  

About Halspan

Halspan is a world leading supplier of quality door components, from fully-certified fire door blanks and cores, seals and hardware, to steel door frames.  

Headquartered in Linlithgow, Scotland, with offices in Dubai and India, Halspan has an international presence. Today, their products are used in 65 countries around the world.  

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