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Helios Fire Systems appoint new Operations Manager


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In response to the continued demand for Advanced Targeted Fire Suppression Systems (ATFS) throughout 2020 and 2021, Helios Fire Systems has appointed Helen Sinton as Operations Manager, to further bolster the team’s success

Helen’s background in operations within both wood recycling and chipboard manufacturing industries means her existing knowledge of fire prevention and suppression alongside procedural expertise makes her the perfect fit for Helios.

Helen joins the team to continue operational excellence for Helios during this growth period and will oversee installations of systems on waste and recycling sites across the UK. She holds COTC level 4TMH, CPC National Road Haulage, IOSH Managing Safely, ISO 9001 internal Auditor and ILM management certification.

Helen adds: “I’ve worked in the wood industry for 20+ years, implementing and monitoring fire protection plans and seeing the number of fires the waste industry sadly faces. That’s partly down to inefficient outdated detection, which peaked my interested to work with Helios on the latest fire suppression technologies and their rollout to waste and recycling sites. I’ll be making sure things are always in the right place at the right time, that on-site procedures are 100% and making sure our customers experience the best possible install that then protects their business!”

Helen will oversee projects from initial consultation through to commissioning and staff training, alongside Adie Mason. Adie has been promoted to Head of Operations, after joining Helios from its inception six years’ ago. Before this, he gained a wealth of industry knowledge from a career in waste and recycling operations, including wood disposal and global waste management companies. His promotion will allow the team to expand its project capacity and continue to offer the best in fire suppression systems and products.

Adie adds: “I’m very pleased to welcome Helen to the Helios team, having known her for around 20 years with both of our backgrounds as members of the Wood Recycling Association. We’re working together managing Helios installs across the country and communicate with our on-site contractors to make sure there are no issues. I’m delighted to welcome her to the Helios team.”

Garry Adey, Managing Director at Helios adds: “This growth of our Operations Team means that we can ensure the smoothest installs of large complex site projects, and effectively communicate with our on-site engineers to make sure we’re providing top level service. Helen and Adie make the dream ops team!”

For more information on the different fire detection and suppression systems suitable for the waste and recycling industry, click here:

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