High-performance replacement fire doorsets introduced by Dorplan under new brand SignetFire

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SignetFire fire doorsets to enhance building safety

Dorplan has announced the launch of SignetFire, a new brand dedicated to high-performance replacement fire doorsets.

As reported by Dorplan, SignetFire aims to meet and exceed industry standards by providing optimal fire safety combined with exceptional functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 exposed critical flaws in fire safety, prompting significant reforms.

The Building Safety Act, a response to this tragedy, mandates robust fire door regulations to enhance building safety.

SignetFire addresses these requirements, ensuring compliance and preventing the spread of fire.

Features and benefits of SignetFire

Quentin Evershed, SignetFire Sales Manager, highlighted the importance of these new doorsets in light of current regulations: “With the Building Safety Act high on the agenda, replacement fire doorsets for non-compliant buildings is a high priority.

“We’ve listened to the industry’s concerns about inconsistent quote turnaround, inconsistent lead times, lack of technical expertise, and insufficient project management support.

“SignetFire addresses these challenges with fast quote turnaround, a reliable 4-week lead time, and in-house exceptional technical and project management support.”

SignetFire aims to support clients with fast and reliable service.

Evershed added: “Our new line of high-performance fire doorsets is designed not only to meet but exceed the rigorous standards set by the industry.

“We are committed to supporting our clients with fast and reliable service, ensuring that every project is completed with the highest level of safety and efficiency.”

Achieving ISO 14001 certification

In addition to launching SignetFire, Dorplan has achieved ISO 14001 certification, marking a step towards sustainability and responsible business practices.

ISO 14001 is an international standard providing a framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving environmental management systems.

For Dorplan, achieving this certification involves aspects such as material sourcing, manufacturing processes, waste management, and energy consumption.

The certification demonstrates Dorplan’s commitment to reducing their environmental footprint and improving their environmental performance.

The process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification

Dorplan followed a structured approach to achieve ISO 14001 certification.

This included conducting an initial environmental review, setting environmental objectives and targets, developing an Environmental Management System (EMS), implementing and monitoring the EMS, undergoing a certification audit, and committing to continuous improvement.

Achieving ISO 14001 certification reflects Dorplan’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By following this structured approach, Dorplan contributes positively to the environment and society.

IFSJ comment

The launch of SignetFire by Dorplan addresses a crucial need in the construction industry for high-performance fire doorsets.

This initiative is particularly relevant in the context of the Building Safety Act, which seeks to prevent tragedies similar to the Grenfell Tower fire by enforcing stricter safety measures.

The emphasis on fast quote turnaround, reliable lead times, and robust project management support highlights Dorplan’s commitment to addressing industry concerns effectively.

Additionally, Dorplan’s achievement of ISO 14001 certification underscores their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

This certification process, which involves a thorough review and continuous improvement of environmental practices, positions Dorplan as a responsible player in the industry.

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