Historic British Pathé building now safeguarded by Advanced fire system

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The former home of British Pathé, a landmark location, has newly implemented protection measures from Advanced.

Located at 142 Wardour Street, Soho, this prestigious building, once central to London’s ‘film row’, has undergone a comprehensive restoration and refurbishment project to develop multiple workspaces and retail areas.

360Fire was entrusted with the design and commissioning of this new Advanced fire alarm system, marking a significant step in ensuring the safety of its occupants.

360Fire and Advanced collaboration: an intricate project

For this intricate project, 360Fire collaborated with Mechanical Services Ltd, who fitted the building with four-loop Advanced MxPro 5 panels, a repeater panel, and Hochiki detectors.

These panels, chosen for their open-protocol nature, are seamlessly integrated with a voice alarm system.

This allows for a phased evacuation system, with specific procedures in place depending on the location of a potential fire.

Advanced’s innovative fire system features

Furthermore, the newly installed system boasts MxPro 5’s unique false alarm management capabilities.

Utilising the AlarmCalm feature on the MxPro 5 panels, the building’s safety measures can efficiently handle and manage potential false alarms.

Dividing the building into virtual areas independent of fire zones enables precise control of false alarm strategies, meeting the unique needs of each part of the building.

Chris Peart, Service & Commissioning Manager at 360Fire, stated: “The MxPro 5 panels were specifically selected due to their open protocol nature and flexibility.

“Advanced consistently represents the best solution for both the installer and the end user.”

In response, Advanced Sales Manager Ken Bullock commented: “I’m delighted Advanced has played a role in revitalising this iconic structure. This project aptly showcases the adaptability and features of the MxPro 5.”

The legacy and future of Advanced

The MxPro 5 is celebrated in the fire industry for being a leading multiprotocol fire system solution.

Globally renowned for developing intelligent fire systems, Advanced products are installed worldwide, catering to varying requirements, from single-panel setups to extensive multi-site networks.

IFSJ Comment

The former home of British Pathé holds significant historical value.

Its adaptation into a mixed-use space, while maintaining its historical essence, warrants state-of-the-art safety measures.

The chosen Advanced system, with its open-protocol nature and integration capabilities, underpins the importance of combining heritage with modern safety innovations.

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