Honeywell aims to improve operational effectiveness and response with building notification platform

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Honeywell a global leader in fire and life safety, is launching a global notification platform, VARIODYN ONE, designed to enhance in-building voice communications to improve response to emergency situations and general public address announcements. VARIODYN ONE can be used for emergency response to support faster egress from a building, general day-to-day announcements, and notifications that produce high quality sound. It is the next generation of the trusted VARIODYN product line, which is used in some of the largest and most complex installations across the world.

VARIODYN ONE is an IP-based public address and voice alarm (PA/VA) system that delivers exceptional usability and sound performance to address daily operational and safety needs of a building. It is the foundation of Honeywell’s new global notification platform that can better inform building occupants of activity in a building – from a school’s daily announcements to its emergency response directions.

“Many buildings use two different communications systems – one for general announcements and one for emergency notifications – that aren’t designed to work together and inherently don’t work with the fire and life safety system,” said Alessandro Araldi, general manager, Global In-Building Communications, Honeywell. “The VARIODYN ONE system is intended to better notify people of events in a building, and in an emergency, provide context-aware information to improve response and safe egress.”

The VARIODYN ONE configuration tool and management software are built on the Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) platform, which will provide seamless integration with Honeywell Fire systems as a single, common user interface, making it easier to connect the PA/VA system to the fire panel. The CLSS platform also increases technician productivity during commissioning and post-sale system maintenance. The easy-to-learn and use CLSS tools are increasingly popular with integrators with more than 6.8 million connected points on the platform in its first six months of availability, helping to reduce labour needs and decreasing disruptions to a building’s operations and occupants.

VARIODYN ONE can help building owners to:

  • Improve operational effectiveness: Delivers clear, clean sound characterised by low distortion and high intelligibility using digital signal processing (DSP) and premium audio components, resulting in improved communication and emergency response with highly intelligible message delivery.
  • Reduce risk and total cost of ownership: Features like built-in speaker zone matrix and power sharing amplifiers make the system more reliable and reduce risk of system downtime, while making the system more affordable, lowering maintenance cost, and minimising space requirements.
  • Increase ease of integration: Uses common audio protocols which allow it to be more easily integrated with other on-site systems, such as DANTE A/V and SIP communication, without additional hardware or handshake issues.
  • Decrease risk of safety incidents: Allows for faster response times to potential issues as safety and security staff can monitor and quickly understand overall system status via its intuitive interface.
  • Prepare for the future: Features a flexible architecture and standard protocols that allow VARIODYN ONE to be configured to the specific business needs while reducing the real estate needed to store the PA/VA equipment. The same scalability allows it to be expandable and future proof to address future site needs.   

VARIODYN ONE can support a wide range of applications including within the transportation, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, commercial and education verticals.

Along with the broader Honeywell portfolio of high-quality speakers, intercom stations, racks and more, the introduction of VARIODYN ONE offers a complete networked public address and emergency communication solution. VARIODYN ONE is EN54 listed and available with local support in the UK market via Honeywell Fire brands including Gent, Notifier and Morley -IAS distributors. Click here for more information. The Honeywell VARIODYN ONE won the iF Design Award 2021 for product design in the building technology category.

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