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Hong Kong FSD publishes list of contractors completing fire safety improvements

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Contractors completing fire safety improvement works

The Fire Services Department (FSD) has published a list of registered fire service installation contractors who have successfully assisted owners in completing fire safety improvement works as required by the Fire Safety Directions issued under the Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance (Cap. 572).

This list is available for public reference on the department’s website.

According to the Ordinance, buildings constructed on or before 1 March 1987, or with plans first submitted to the Buildings Department (BD) for approval on or before that date, must be updated to meet modern fire protection standards.

The FSD and the BD issue Directions to owners or occupiers, requiring necessary fire safety improvements.

Upon receiving these Directions, owners or occupiers must appoint qualified registered contractors to carry out the required works.

List of qualified contractors

The FSD has published a list on its website of contractors who have successfully completed fire safety improvement works for entire buildings.

This list is intended to help owners and occupiers comply with the Directions and ensure that their buildings meet modern fire safety standards.

Contractors included on the list have not been ordered to be removed from the registers of fire service installation contractors by the Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors Disciplinary Board within the past five years.

The list will be regularly updated for public reference.

Updating fire safety standards in Hong Kong

The Ordinance mandates improvements to ensure that older buildings are equipped with adequate fire protection installations.

By providing this list of qualified contractors, the FSD aims to streamline the process for building owners and occupiers, making it easier for them to find professionals who can help them meet the required fire safety standards.

Regular updates for transparency

The regular updating of the list of registered contractors ensures transparency and helps maintain high standards in fire safety improvements.

The FSD’s initiative supports ongoing efforts to enhance fire safety across Hong Kong.

By keeping this information current, the FSD ensures that building owners and occupiers have access to reliable and qualified contractors who can help them comply with legal requirements and improve safety.

IFSJ comment

The FSD’s publication of this list is a step forward in maintaining and enhancing fire safety standards in Hong Kong.

By providing a regularly updated list of registered contractors, the FSD ensures that building owners and occupiers can easily identify qualified professionals to carry out necessary fire safety improvements.

This initiative not only supports compliance with the Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance but also promotes transparency and accountability within the fire safety sector.

As older buildings are upgraded to meet modern fire protection standards, the safety of residents and occupants is significantly enhanced, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

The FSD’s efforts in this regard are commendable and reflect a commitment to public safety and regulatory compliance.

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