Humane issues fire safety alert for AI Pin charging cases

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Humane requests users to stop using charging cases immediately

Humane, the company behind the ChatGPT-powered AI Pin, has urged users to stop using the bundled charging case due to potential fire safety risks.

As reported by The Verge, Humane informed AI Pin users via email about safety issues related to the third-party battery cell used in the charging cases.

The company has since cut ties with the supplier of these cells.

Humane clarified that the safety concern is limited to the charging cases, and other components like the AI Pin, magnetic battery booster, and charging pad are unaffected.

Safety communication and ongoing investigation

Humane has not shared this information on its official website or X.

The company stated it would provide more details once its investigation is complete.

It remains unclear if Humane will offer free replacements for the affected charging cases.

To compensate users, Humane is providing a two-month free subscription worth $24 (approximately Rs 2,000), excluding taxes.

This subscription is necessary for accessing most AI Pin features.

Product launch and user feedback

Humane launched the AI Pin in April this year.

However, it faced criticism from prominent YouTubers and publications for being slow and unresponsive, with some users reporting delays of up to 10 seconds for a weather report.

Another feature allowing the wearer’s hand to serve as a display for menus and experiences received negative feedback.

Reviewers found the gestures hard to use and the screen difficult to see in daylight.

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