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Hyfire, Argus and Ramtech join the Metaverse as Orama group

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Companies Argus, Hyfire and Ramtech, who provide excellence in wireless solutions for the protection of people and environments, have joined together to form the new Metaverse collective, the Orama group.

The group’s common goal is to combine the history and expertise of the three companies to provide innovative services and assistance and ensure customers the maximum protection of sites and people in the most diverse applications, from construction sites and temporary sites to new or existing commercial and industrial buildings and more.

The new brand was presented in the Metaverse, to contextualise the technological vision and the orientation towards the future of the group.

Giorgio Koursaris, Managing Director of the group, commented: “The strong skills of each company have helped to form a powerful group that faces new and stimulating perspectives in the field of safety. Orama is the fil rouge that combines cutting-edge wireless technologies to the digital world.” 

Argus, Hyfire and Ramtech together reach more than 30 countries worldwide and offer a wide range of wireless and digital products and services, suitable for different industries, from construction to commercial and industrial applications.

The companies that make up of Orama are working closely to take advantage of each other’s expertise, focus on developing new products and solutions, connected, customer-centered and customised, that support and encourage the evolution of the sectors in which they operate.

Kousaris explained the groups name: “The naming also recalls this new meaning. Orama means projection and vision to the future. The payoff, “the future of protection”, refers to the world of safety and protection to emphasise the solid and secure soul of the brand and the intention to invest in the future, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by wireless and digital technologies to shape a safer world through innovation”

The logo is a fingerprint, a symbol of uniqueness, but also an eye that looks to the future. The dermatoglyphs, the lines that make up the fingerprint, refer to the waves of wireless, a characteristic element of the group, and also draw a circle that symbolises the uniformity and continuity between the three companies from which the new brand was born.

Orama aims to go beyond the present, leveraging the technological and digital skills of each company from which it was born to speed up the process of digitising the world of the protection of people and environments, creating value and opportunities for customers and for the company.

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