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IFSJ Exclusive: Magirus gives The Last Word on Next Generation Firefighting

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Julian Mueller, Marketing Manager & Spokesperson at Magirus, talks Next Generation Firefighting

What was the idea behind Magirus’ Next Generation Firefighting?

For Magirus striving for innovation is and has always been a core motivation. With our Next Generation Firefighting (NGFF) portfolio we want to give the answers of tomorrow’s challenges already today. Those are mainly driven by climate change, urbanisation, and digitalisation. Wildfires and other natural disasters will increase dramatically and have a massive impact on all our lives. We need the right strategies and new technologies to battle those threats effectively. This we can and will deliver as Magirus with this series of innovative products and solutions that build the basis for a new era in firefighting.

What vehicles make up the range?

There are two major technological areas that are essential to our NGFF portfolio, connectivity and robotics. And this of course in the context of digitalisation and always with intuitive operations. This means you find robots as well as more traditional firefighting vehicles in the portfolio. What they all have in common is that they are smart and connected.

The binding element is Magirus TacticNet, our tactical operations network which connects all vehicles and robots or drones as part of a highly effective eco-system and provides before unknown possibilities in terms of tactics and coordination. Particularly in complex operations such as rapidly spreading building fires, extensive forest fires or large fires in industrial plants, TacticNet offers a completely new quality of situation assessment and provides an extremely valuable basis for quick, targeted decisions, thus enabling even more successful operations.

What is the newest addition to the line up?

The latest solution is the Magirus Wolf C1, which is basically a flexible and supportive transport and logistics robot with a universal swap body system. The easy-to-use lift table design ensures simple lifting and picking up of various loads. The application possibilities are versatile and simple due to its adaptability and the connection possibility with modular accessories, from pure transport tasks, to a mobile lighting mast, as large mobile fans support in hose laying.

The Wolf C1 can also be used for for rescue operations, because it can transport injured people safely and gently with its spring[1]mounted chassis and the sairline slides that allow fix and easy-to-use installation of up to two basket stretchers. This is the next generation of mission support and logistics.

Are there plans to further develop the Next Generation Firefighting portfolio?

Next Generation Firefighting is a core philosophy for us and the foundation for all our products in the years to come. The context and the challenges will gain importance and the need for a product portfolio with intelligent networking of all relevant areas will be even bigger in the future. Smart robotics and connectivity will be key features to succeed and to enable firefighters around the world to save lives and to stay safe themselves.

Does Magirus have anything else in the pipeline?

The next year will be very important for us. We will focus on our totally new generation of turntable ladders with Magirus SmartControl technology. Those fully connected and intuitively operated can be seamlessly integrated into digitals systems like our Magirus FleetConnect and therefore part of our Next Generation Firefighting Portfolio.

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