IFSJ Exclusive: Smart rescue equipment from Weber

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Reda Nouzhani, Area Sales Manager at Weber Hydraulik for the brand WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS talks about the smart rescue equipment and digital applications on show at Intersec 2023

Weber Hydraulik, a family-owned group, is a serious player in the field of firefighting extraction and rescue operations and has become a leading manufacturer in the field. With colleagues having worked for the brand for over 30 years and firefighter partners working on solutions behind the scenes, the company is consistently driving innovation in the market.

At Intersec 2023, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS is set to present its smart rescue equipment and digital applications to the Middle East market following the launch of several new products at the return of INTERSCHUTZ in 2022. Among these innovations on show are the SMART-FORCE line up and RESCUE DIGITAL SYSTEMS.


With the introduction of the WEBER’s new SMART-FORCE device series, smart functions have been integrated into rescues for the first time. The SMART-FORCE devices enable communication via WLAN/UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service) connection and offer numerous additional functions for device control and management within their own app, including a pressure display, a training and theft mode, and the ability to analyse the current device status.

Reda Nouzhani, Area Sales Manager at Weber Hydraulik for the brand WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS, says that the SMART-FORCE series has enabled the company to be innovative: “We are fully equipped, we are fully smart”. At the core of SMART-FORCE is duty: being able to effectively cut, spread and do whatever is needed during the extrication process. These tools are among the fastest and most powerful battery-operated solutions on the market.

SMART-FORCE features include: large power reserves for future vehicle technologies and materials; a patented, compact and maintenance-free motor; new generation of cutters including F7 rescue cutter for extreme conditions with high-strength materials; SMART FEATURE Device theft protection which includes device deactivation in case of theft; digital and SMART functions for tool operations and control including training mode, a live service dashboard and self-diagnosis; LED lights for improved visibility; and a central control panel  that is easily reachable with thumb and index finger. The tools use Milwaukee M18 High-Output batteries are capable of being used under water up to a depth of three metres – whether its fresh, salty or dirty.

The battery used by the SMART-FORCE series offers boundless flexibility as the same battery can be used across 17 rescue tools and more than 200 Milwaukee other tools. “At the end of the day, money is going to factor in when choosing firefighting tools. Having a range of equipment that uses one battery saves both time and money,” says Nouzhani.

“It is our duty to provide firefighters with the most efficient equipment so they can do their job quickly and effectively in high pressure situations. This means being able to select extrication tools and equipment faster. Firefighters should not have to spend time determining what battery is needed for a piece of equipment – this is why we have adopted a one-size-fits-all compatibility model for the SMART-FORCE series.”

Tool electrification

Nouzhani says that WEBER recognises its duty to consider governmental advice surrounding sustainability and the environment. One part of this has been the move towards electrification being able to provide a single battery that can be used across the entire range. The transition from fuel and oil powered tools to battery powered tools is something that WEBER is focusing on in the Middle East as many customers are looking to make the switch.

WEBER’s tools are certified to ISO 14001, which sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and can be certified to: “We are showing to our customer that we are respecting the environment across the manufacturing, production and sales process. It is important that we are providing efficient tools that are environmentally conscious.”

Smart reporting

Nouhzani tells that there was an increasing number of requests for remote control systems and as a result WEBER recognised this and have incorporated numerous smart features that elevate them beyond being simple rescue tools. He says that we should also think about people working in the back office, which is why SMART-FORCE offers the capability to remotely monitor equipment.

In terms of connectivity features, the SMART-FORCE range has features including anti-theft mode and being able to locate a tool remotely. Batteries all come with a connectivity sim card, giving the option to connect remotely to the equipment via UMTS or wireless. Nouzhani explains: “The teams in the control centre are able to monitor tools from their location, and so if there is a specific incident which requires a specific tool they are able to locate the equipment, have it sent where it is needed and communicate how long it will take to arrive.”


Digitalisation has long been a core topic for WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS. To drive development in this area, a separate subsidiary was founded – RESCUE DIGITAL SYSTEMS GmbH. The company has developed individual and easy-to-use apps and software applications in the areas of: Alerting, Administration, Training, Accident Prevention, Rescue and more.

One solution is the RETTERAlarm – the individual alerting system for emergency organisations. RETTERAlarm makes it possible to alert emergency forces individually, in groups or also subsequently and specifically. It features fast alerting even without a control centre via push, SMS, call or e-mail directly to the smartphone. It also has eser and vehicle management, calendar functions and alarm monitor create a complete overview, DSGVO-compliant encryption and redundant server systems in Germany ensure 100% data security, and optimised deployment planning and readiness queries with direct feedback from the comrades via the app.

Another digital solution is the Crash Recovery System. This system continuously updated mobile database with all vehicle information for accident rescue and includes all production vehicles with airbags or alternative drive systems (cars, vans, trucks and buses). It features: simple updating system, uniform, easily interpretable vehicle graphics; Information on all components relevant to the rescue (airbags, gas generators, belt-tensioners, automatic roll-bars, reinforcements);

There is also RETTERSeismo, the seismographic measurement tool on the app. The tool supports teams in training and in the deployment of relief organisations as well as in the recording of movements and vibrations during the lifting of loads, building collapse as well as during the rescue of persons or in the context of traffic accidents with cars and trucks.

Intersec 2023

Nouzhani says that Intersec will be a great opportunity to access partners from around the world to present the SMART-FORCE series to the Asian, African and European markets.  He notes that, as a trendsetter in the market, it is important to note that WEBER RESCUE has firefighters working behind the scenes on all their new solutions.

“All the experience we have in the field we apply and implement for our tools,” he tells. “Whenever we speak about our partners around the world we are referring to the feedback from our firefighting colleagues.” He says that in the firefighting world, there has previously not been equipment that is ‘digital enough’ on the field. This, he says, is what WEBER is changing: “This is my target during Intersec: to present these tools and services in terms of training and added value software and IT solutions.

“For the next year we will keep moving and keep working on our Digital solutions and SMART-FORCE. For our partners around the world: this is the starting point for a digital world. We started this two years ago and now its getting serious with our Smart Force. This is just the beginning.”

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