ILUS ramps up Middle Eastern fire safety expansion plans


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ILUS International Inc., a Mergers and Acquisitions company focused on acquiring and growing public safety and industrial companies across the globe, signed a Share Purchase Agreement to acquire 51% control of AL Shola Al Modea Safety and Security LLC, an established fire safety company registered in the United Arab Emirates. 

In a strategic move by ILUS, the company has acquired the majority stake of ASSS to ramp up its Middle Eastern fire safety expansion plans.

This involves ASSS working closely alongside BCD Fire, which was wholly acquired by ILUS in April 2021, to dominate the United Arab Emirates (UAE) fire safety sector through the leveraging of licensing, certifications, manpower, experience, and relationships.

The acquisition will also speed up ILUS’ focused expansion into the Saudi Arabian market as well as the rest of the Gulf region. 

As a well renowned primary contractor for many of the region’s most prestigious property developments, ASSS specializes in the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire alarm, fire protection and security systems. ASSS holds the highest level of licensing and certifications to operate as the main contractor for commercial, residential, and industrial facilities across the United Arab Emirates. 

ASSS has a full order book for 2023 and is currently expanding its resources to take on additional contracts. As a main contractor, the company will work closely with BCD Fire, who operates primarily as a sub-contractor in the region. Together, the companies plan to secure larger contracts and reduce project completion timeframes.

It is hoped that the cooperation between the two companies will result in a substantial momentum shift for ILUS’ fire safety growth plans across the Middle East, including in Saudi Arabia, where ILUS has been negotiating several large contracts, all requiring the additional manpower and experience provided by ASSS.

The Managing Director of ASSS, Sanjeeb Safir, who has been involved in the company since its inception and led its growth for many years, will take on the role of General Manager for both ASSS and BCD Fire, from January 2023.  

John-Paul Backwell, ILUS Managing Director said: “This is an important strategic acquisition for ILUS in the Middle East and it also signifies the significant progress we are making towards our global fire safety rollout.

“There is so much more going on behind the scenes when it comes to product development, project management of current contracts and business development for new contracts, therefore this deal is important for strengthening our management and resources in the region to ensure that we reach our milestones and accelerate our growth in the Gulf region.

“I am looking forward to working closely with ASSS, together with BCD Fire, to capitalize on the plethora of huge opportunities in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. With further deals and important strategic moves lined up, we expect to close out 2022 strongly with further announcements before starting 2023 with a flourish leading up to our second Annual Shareholder Meeting on January the 27th.” 

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