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Immersive and interactive experiences on the trade show floor from MSA Safety


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MSA was excited to be back in person at the Emergency Services Show to engage with fire brigades from around the United Kingdom and showcase LUNAR and MSA’s Connected Firefighter platform – a suite of products that work together to help keep firefighters on duty safe, connected, and accounted for.

With LUNAR in hand, visitors could experience the device’s unique features, which include:

  • Exclusive Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T.), which combines distance and direction data enabling firefighters to locate separated teammates faster;
  • Personal thermal imaging enhanced with edge detection for improved situational awareness;
  • Direct cellular cloud connectivity to send real-time stats, including estimated air pressure, time remaining, and battery life, to Incident Command and remote monitoring personnel for a complete safety point-of-view; and
  • A unique LUNAR-to-LUNAR network that automatically keeps each device connected to all others on-scene.

Over the two days of the show visitors could also discover the other products composing Connected Firefighter platform:

  • M1 SCBA specifically designed for the U.K. and International markets;
  • The MSA HUB base station – a small, modular device that enables on-scene data and asset management;
  • FireGrid – a cloud-connect software which gives incident commanders the ability to evaluate and manage multiple situations at one time from any location;
  • A new M1 Control Module for monitoring the proper functioning of a respiratory protective device;
  • A dedicated Entry Control Board for incident monitoring; and
  • The C1 voice communication module that allows for exceptional voice transmission when wearing breathing apparatus.

In addition, the company showcased industry-leading fire helmets, the iconic GALLET F1XF, fully recharged, and the GALLET F2XR rescue helmet designed to meet the demanding requirements of the fire and rescue services caused by climate change.

This year’s show also marked the first time MSA and MSA Bristol exhibited products together as one organization showcasing the latest offerings in fire protective clothing – including the EOS line of firefighter protective apparel, representing the latest addition to the structural firefighting equipment. 


MSA was also an official sponsor of expert seminars at the Health & Wellbeing Theatre and the Emerging Technologies Theatre with a special presentation of:

  • Chris McCall, CEO at Fotokite, on drones and situational awareness in the fire service; and
  • Matthew Quigley, Global Product Group Manager for Fire Service Technology and Connectivity from MSA who explained how connectivity can enhance capability beyond the fireground.
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