International Association of Fire Fighters join front lines of hurricane aftermath

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Members of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) have been on the frontlines responding to the devastation Hurricane Ian left behind after it made landfall in Florida and continued its way up to the Carolinas.

With thousands of members located within the storm’s path, the impact on the membership is expected to be significant.

The Association said that when disasters strike, IAFF members leave their own families to answer the call to serve and protect their community in need, with the IAFF Foundation following closely behind to ensure members’ needs are met in a time of crisis like Hurricane Ian.

As part of the IAFF Foundation’s Disaster Relief program, the IAFF Go Team and Headquarters staff have been in Florida assisting members with financial relief, food and water, necessities, behavioural health counselling, emergency home repairs, fuel, generators for those with urgent medical needs, and anything else they need.

IAFF General President Edward Kelly commented: “While our members are out there answering calls for help, it is our job at the IAFF to make sure membership needs are addressed as quickly as possible.

“I know many of our members will want to pitch in. The best way for them to help their brothers and sisters is to donate to the Foundation’s Disaster Relief program.”

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