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International Water Mist Conference is coming to Copenhagen

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IWMA president Are Wendelborg Brandt has announced that 22nd International Water Mist Conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference will take place over 11-12 October at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel.

The call for papers will be published on 1st February 2023. Sponsors can start booking their table tops for the exhibition – which will run alongside the conference – from that day onwards.

IWMA general manager Bettina McDowell explained: “We will again offer three different packages for companies that want to support the event. Further details will be available from the IWMA headquarter in Hamburg.”

Monday 15 May is the final date to submit abstracts and apply for a speaker slot. The conference webpage will also be activated on this day.

Deadline for submissions to apply for the IWMA Young Talent Award is 28th April. In 2023, this award will go to the author of the Ph.D. thesis dealing with water mist.

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