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INTERSCHUTZ 2026 to highlight AI and sustainability in fire and rescue services

INTERSCHUTZ 2015 - 8. bis 13. Juni

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Impacts of climate change to be addressed at INTERSCHUTZ 2026

As reported by INTERSCHUTZ, the upcoming INTERSCHUTZ trade fair, scheduled for 1 to 6 June 2026 in Hannover, will focus on the impacts of climate change, civil protection, AI integration, and sustainability.

INTERSCHUTZ Project Manager Bernd Heinold of Deutsche Messe highlighted the increasing importance of disaster prevention and civil protection due to recent global events.

Heinold stated: “The dramatic events around the world make it clear that the issues of disaster prevention and civil protection are playing an increasingly important role.”

He noted that new conflicts, crises, and disasters underscore the need for continuous resilience improvements.

Enhancing civil protection through innovation

Heinold emphasised the necessity of dynamic and innovative solutions in civil protection.

Exhibitors at INTERSCHUTZ 2026 will present their concepts and technologies for integrated crisis management.

Heinold stressed the importance of informing the public to ensure they are well-prepared for emergencies, which is a key responsibility of authorities and associations.

Heinold said: “To this end, the exhibitors at INTERSCHUTZ will be showcasing their concepts and technologies for integrated and collaborative crisis management.”

He added that awareness and self-help practices are crucial for public preparedness.

Integration of AI in emergency services

AI will be a significant focus at INTERSCHUTZ 2026.

Heinold explained that representatives from research and industry will demonstrate how AI can enhance emergency deployments.

He cited the use of AI techniques to transcribe emergency calls in various languages as a promising example.

Heinold remarked: “At the next INTERSCHUTZ, leading representatives from research and industry will show how intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence can be used to make emergency deployments more efficient – and where the limits lie.”

Promoting sustainability in fire and rescue services

Sustainability will also be a key theme at the trade fair.

Heinold highlighted the ecological and economic importance of sustainability, including the use of alternative drives, durable equipment, and well-trained personnel.

He mentioned that sustainable procurement guidelines can promote environmentally friendly vehicles.

Heinold stated: “Sustainability is of vital importance from both ecological and economic standpoints.

“This ranges from alternative drives to durable and adaptable equipment right through to securing available, well-trained personnel.”

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