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Intersec Awards 2024: How to enter

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Everything you need to know about the Intersec Awards 2024

The Intersec Awards 2024, developed to reward and highlight the achievements of the security, safety and fire protection services, are now open for entries.

Part of Intersec 2024, the world-leading emergency services, security, and safety event that will take place from 16 – 18 January 2024 in Dubai, the Intersec Awards will culminate in a glittering gala on the evening of 17 January 2024 at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, Dubai.

The Awards acknowledge and honour outstanding achievements across these vital sectors where industry leaders, experts, and visionaries gather to showcase the very best in fire prevention, safety solutions, and security measures.

With 16 categories across fire and safety, security and industry, these awards have gained a reputation as the standard for industry recognition.

The Intersec Awards 2024 encompass a diverse spectrum of accolades, meticulously crafted to celebrate excellence across the multifaceted landscape of fire, safety, and security.

Each category within the Intersec Awards 2024 represents a unique opportunity for those in the industry to shine in the industry’s spotlight, to bask in the well-deserved recognition of their contributions, and to stand tall among the league of excellence.

Fire industry awards

Within the realm of Fire and Safety, the Excellence in Fire Prevention Award honours those visionaries who have pioneered strategies, technologies, and practices to prevent the devastating impact of fires, celebrating their significant strides in safeguarding lives and property.

The Outstanding Safety Solutions Award pays homage to the paramount importance of safety.

It spotlights solutions that transcend boundaries to enhance workplace safety, protecting lives and setting new standards for safety in diverse environments.

In recognition of regional impact, the Fire Safety Excellence Project – Middle East & Africa category is dedicated to projects that have markedly elevated fire safety standards in these critical regions.

These initiatives leave a lasting imprint on regional safety.

In the Industry Categories, the Excellence in Systems Integration Award celebrates the backbone of comprehensive security and safety solutions.

It commends outstanding integration efforts that elevate the industry’s capabilities, providing seamless protection.

The Intersec Awards 2024 also seek to recognise the achievements of people, including teams and individuals.

The Outstanding Fire Safety Team Award recognises teams that exemplify exceptional collaboration and dedication to fire safety, while in the security domain, the Outstanding Security Team Award honours teams that consistently excel in their roles, contributing significantly to creating safer environments for all.

Diversity and inclusion are paramount in the industry, and Emirati talent is making waves, driving innovation in the industry.

The Rising Star Award for Emirati Talent encourages and acknowledges these young professionals who are leaving their indelible mark while the Women Trailblazers in Security/Fire Safety Award celebrates the outstanding achievements of women who have made significant contributions.

Finally, when emergencies strike, swift and effective response is paramount.

The Distinguished Emergency Response Award recognises exemplary emergency response efforts that save lives and property, embodying the essence of our industry’s mission.

Entering the awards

The Intersec Awards are free to enter.

Entrants are encouraged to tap into their diverse accomplishments, entering multiple categories or even submitting several entries within a single category.

It is advised that each entry is tailored to its respective category, highlighting specific strengths and achievements that make it stand out.

Participating in the Intersec Awards offers unparalleled visibility within the industry, allowing innovators to showcase their achievements to peers, customers, and stakeholders.

More than just external recognition, these accolades can significantly enhance team morale by emphasising the value of their hard work and contributions.

The awards can pave the way for new business opportunities, collaborations, and market expansions.

As the deadline for entries approaches on October 12th, industry professionals are encouraged to seize this opportunity to be part of this prestigious celebration of excellence.

This is a chance to shine a light on the industry stars who truly deserve to be celebrated and rewarded.


The evaluation for the Awards process is thorough and rigorous.

In the initial round, all entries undergo a screening process, from which the top-scoring ones are shortlisted.

The second round involves a deep-dive evaluation of these shortlisted entries and may require interviews with the entrants or assessments of product samples to ensure a complete understanding.

The judging panel for the Intersec Awards 2024 consists of industry luminaries, each holding senior positions within their respective domains, providing the evaluation process with an impartial wealth of knowledge and experience to uphold the highest standards of recognition and celebrate the exceptional contributions that drive progress across these vital sectors.


The Intersec Awards 2024 will take place during Intersec 2024, the leading exhibition for the fire, safety, and security industries.

The 2024 edition marks the 25th anniversary of the exhibition, a significant milestone in itself.

The Intersec exhibition has been at the forefront of showcasing cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and practices that enhance safety and security on a global scale.

The Intersec Awards are a natural extension of this commitment to excellence.

Proud partners

Both International Fire and Safety Journal (IFSJ) International Security Journal (ISJ) are once again the exclusive media partner for the Intersec Awards.

Iain Hoey, IFSJ Editor, and James Thorpe, ISJ Editor, will return to the awards judging panel.

The judging panel also includes international key names such as Dee Arp, Vice President, NEBOSH; Major Essa Al Mutawa, Head of Monitoring & Inspection Department, Dubai Civil Defence H.Q; Satia Rai, CEO, International Professional Security Association (IPSA) and Terry Johnson, Regional President, Institution of Fire Engineers, among many others.

On the partnership, Iain Hoey said: “The Intersec Awards are a benchmark of excellence in the realm of fire, safety, and security.

As industry leaders come together to recognise and celebrate innovative solutions and dedicated professionals, it further underscores the need for continuous advancement and collaboration.

“Serving as a judge for the Intersec Awards is a testament to our commitment to acknowledging outstanding achievements in the fire and security sectors.

I’m keenly looking forward to witnessing the innovative solutions and dedication of this year’s entrants.

“Partnerships, such as the one between ISJ, IFSJ, and the Intersec Awards, exemplify the collective effort in driving industry standards higher.

“Awards like these not only commend the present accomplishments but also pave the way for future innovations.”

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