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Introducing the iconic GALLET F1XF, fully recharged, from MSA Safety


Helping to keep firefighters safe has been a core part of MSA Safety’s mission for more than 100 years and various generations of F1 helmets have been serving firefighters since 1985. In response to the new challenges of today’s fire ground, the company has been continuously upgrading its products and this year, has introduced a remastered version of the GALLET F1XF. This iconic helmet, developed for firefighters with firefighters, brings a number of substantial enhancements to add value to the safety and comfort of the firefighters on on duty.

NEW L1XF Lighting Module

The enhanced lighting module on the GALLET F1XF helmet provides two levels of lighting: standard and boostgiving four times more light than the classic model. The light switch has been upgraded for a better feel, and to make the light easier to activate while wearing gloves. 

New Ratchet Wheel Knob

The redesigned ratchet 3-pin wheel knob passes easily through the neck curtain for a comfortable adjustment, with the helmet and a pair of gloves on. It also provides an improved visual of the neck curtain clips ensuring easy and fast installation and removal.

Improved Soft Goods

Textile front and rear interior features, the chin strap, and an optional – textile or leather – crown pad are easy to remove for improved comfort and cleaning. The redesigned chin strap provides a better grip and easier adjustment when wearing the helmet and gloves.

Eye and Face Protection

Face shields and the ocular visor have been upgraded to EN14458:2018 standard of high-performance visors on protective helmets. The improved metalised face shield enhances light transmission and makes it even more comfortable in low luminosity conditions.

Retroreflective Stickers

With a choice between a variety of colours, styles, and shapes of MSA’s retroreflective stickers made especially for the GALLET F1XF, each helmet can be easily customised for any application, enhancing a firefighters’ visibility whether they are in low light or a technical rescue operation.

The GALLET F1XF Helmet Evolves Along with the Firefighter’s role

The role of a fire team is no longer concealed to firefighting. Unlike any other fire helmet on the market, the configurable design of the GALLET F1XF Recharged allows for safety and comfort and is the perfect choice for a variety of applications, including  technical rescue operations, road traffic accidents, and vehicle rescue and extrication.

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