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IOSH calls for caution around return to workplaces


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Following the relaxing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions on the 19th of July, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has called for caution around people returning to workplaces.

Duncan Spencer, IOSH’s Head of Advice and Practice, said: “Despite the relaxations, we encourage employers to ensure they continue to put in place preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 being transmitted in their workplaces.


“Risk assessments can help to identify proportionate controls to protect workers, clients, consumers and communities. With COVID risks, this might include a reasonable request for people to continue wearing face masks and observe social distancing measures. Employers might wish to emulate other socially conscious organisations by asking workers to test themselves regularly, including supplying them with lateral flow test kits. It is crucial that any preventative measures are communicated clearly, thereby empowering people to work safely while this disease remains a significant threat.

“In addition to preventing COVID transmission, employers also need to consider the impact of returning to work on people’s mental health and wellbeing, with the possibility that staff may be deeply concerned about returning. We advocate that open and non-stigmatised conversations are proactively arranged by line managers as part of a strong overall mental health and wellbeing strategy. Organisations need to be safe from COVID and safe from the mental health consequences of this pandemic and the impact it has on people’s lives.”

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