JOIFF to host webinar on large-scale NFF fire testing


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JOIFF is to host a webinar on Non-Fluorinated Firefighting (NFF) Foam Large Scale Testing For Tank Fire Applications on 19 April 2023 at 3pm.

Attendess will learn about: Large-scale Non-Fluorinated Foam (NFF) fire testing procedures and data and correlation of fire testing results to industrial tank firefighting based on historical data and firefighting expertise.

The webinar will also review the 3 stages for tank fire extinguishment success with NFF: achieve 90% control, specific NFF tactics to achieve full extinguishment, and post suppression actions.

Speaking at the webinar are Eric Lavergne. Petroleum, Oil & Gas Vertical Manager for Foam Products at Johnson Controls, Inc, and Dewey Morrison, Business Development Manager for Foam Products at Johnson Controls, Inc.

To register for the online event visit the event page.

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