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Kenny Pang joins Hyfire as Head of Product, bringing two decades of fire safety experience

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“Wireless technology is undoubtedly the future,” says Kenny Pang, new Head of Product at Hyfire

As reported by Hyfire, Kenny Pang has been appointed as the new Head of Product.

Kenny, who hails from Portsmouth, has a rich background in fire safety with two decades of experience spanning both technical and commercial roles.

He earned his degree in Electronic Communication Systems from the University of Plymouth and began his career at Apollo Fire Detectors, where he progressed from a product development engineer to the Head of Global Business Development.

Kenny expressed his excitement about joining Hyfire: “What attracted me to Hyfire was its innovative approach to dynamic solutions.

“I believe this role will further deepen my fire safety knowledge and allow me to engage with leading-edge wireless Taurus technology.

“Wireless technology is undoubtedly the future.”

Goals and vision for Hyfire

In his new role, Kenny aims to leverage his extensive experience to enhance the product management function within the UK market.

He plans to integrate new technologies to advance fire safety practices in the industry.

Kenny highlighted Hyfire’s global expansion and commitment to accessibility, stating: “Hyfire’s international growth resonates deeply with me, given my Hong Kong heritage and experiences in developing countries.

“I am passionate about making life-saving technology universally accessible.”

He also noted the importance of understanding the needs of installers, consultants, and end-users to drive the development of new products and solutions that can make a significant impact.

“Technology is moving at such a rapid pace, especially digital, AI, sensing, and wireless technology.

“This tech could really change the game for the industry and enable the industry to better protect lives,” Kenny added.

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