Kentec Installer Programme branches out internationally


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The Kentec Installer Programme (KIP), launched by the leading manufacturer of life-critical control systems at last year’s Firex, is now expanding to include Kentec’s vast international installation customer network. To date it has registered more than 100 installers, making it one of the largest partner programmes in the fire industry.

The scheme provides Kentec’s registered customers with a wide-ranging programme of bespoke training and best-in-class technical support, as well as dedicated software and enhanced product functionality. It has been designed to further professionalism within the industry and assure end users that their installations take best advantage of even Kentec’s most advanced and sophisticated panels.

It also provides access to Kentec’s protected partner site, Virtual Resource, as well as Taktis LE2 commissioning software and enhanced Bridge Functionality – the solution for migrating Syncro panel networks to the latest Taktis technology.

A dedicated KIP technical support helpline provides installers with access to Kentec’s experienced team, training is providing on Kentec’s full fire product range and all KIP members can promote their Kentec product expertise with the KIP logo on their websites and marketing collateral. Kentec also features a list of its KIP partners on its own website.

Kentec’s approach is about considering the evolving market place and the requirements of installers to demonstrate competency on the manufacturers equipment, whilst not leaving its core values of being ‘open protocol’ behind.

Mark Wheeler, Managing Director of EA-RS Fire Engineering Ltd, says the Covid-19 outbreak has been a good opportunity to invest in training:

“We predict there will be a surge in business in coming months with projects that were put on hold due to Covid-19 being re-scheduled. It therefore makes sense to use training to put the company in the strongest position to meet additional demand,” he says.

“Creating the KIP scheme was a bold step for Kentec, acknowledging that a higher industry standard was required. It has been an important step in furthering the assurance we provide end users that critical life safety systems are only being installed by fully-competent firms, that have received training on the latest industry innovations. This ultimately ensures that life safety systems are optimised.”

Daren Pool, Managing Director of Triple Star Fire & Security Limited, joined the scheme as his business saw Kentec’s Taktis panel becoming increasingly prevalent:

“Taktis has become one of our preferred panel choices for its networking capabilities and easy-to-use interface. As we are installing the panel into more and more customer sites, across a range of critical sectors, I felt it was important that myself and engineers fully understood the latest developments and full capabilities of the panel in order that our customers are able to realise its full potential. The scheme has worked very well in providing us with full confidence that we are providing all our customers with this service.”

Derrick Hall, Director of Sales at Kentec, says he is proud of what the KIP scheme has achieved so far:

“Our KIP partners have been carefully selected based on their skill, expertise, experience and accreditations. We are proud to have developed a system that installers find useful in optimising installations of our highly-sophisticated fire panels. We’ve adapting to lockdown to make sure training can be delivered online and this has worked very well.”

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