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Kentec launches wireless fire detection system

ekho HS

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Kentec Electronics has launched the Ekho wireless fire detection range exclusively to its Kentec Installation Partners (KIP), providing a highly-sophisticated, reliable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing alternative to wired systems.

The launch comes as installers are looking to provide their customers with solutions to prevent the need for costly Waking Watch services, which are being used to mitigate fire safety dangers within buildings with unsafe cladding or fire safety issues.

A wireless translator module, which sits at the centre of the system, is hard-wired to the fire alarm control panel loop and communicates continuously with the wireless devices.

Ekho sensors are supplied in three variants: optical; thermal; and multi-criteria, with the optical and multi-criteria sensors featuring adaptive signal processing and double dust traps to prevent false alarms. Thermal detectors can respond to a fixed temperature threshold or detect a rate of rise in temperature. Wireless sounders, call points and testing kits are also available within the range.

Ekho’s wireless expander modules are used to extend the radio mesh network, increasing the reach and capacity of the overall system. It works by creating a self-healing mesh network, which constantly relays field device signals back to the translator module. Each wireless device determines which expander has the strongest signal path and automatically connects to it. The expander mesh network, therefore, guarantees an ‘always on’ connection between the wireless devices and the translator/fire control panel.

Fast and simple to install, and not damaging to the fabric of a building, Kevin Swann, Managing Director of Kentec, says Ekho addresses an immediate and urgent need for the market:

“It provides robust assurance that fire incidents are detected and communicated immediately. Its simple design and fast commissioning process means systems can be installed in a matter of days – and because the Ekho system can be designed, programmed and commissioned from the complementary ‘Ekho Configurator’ software prior to installation, there is less time required on site – also important for Covid-safety measures,” he says.

“We are delighted to offer this important solution through our ever-expanding network of KIP installers, who are benefitting from Kentec’s training and product support, and helping us to remain focused on customer requirements.”

Patrick Carnell, Managing Director of PJC Electrical, an installer on the KIP scheme that has already installed an EKho system, says the range’s ‘self-healing’ mesh technology significantly increases its reliability and system performance:

“It means the system utilises additional transmission routes if one signal is broken and adapts automatically to changing operating conditions.”

Commenting on its ease of use, he says: “We were able to programme the devices at our offices, so when we got on site it was just a matter of fixing and turning them on. Spending less time on site benefits us, and also provides peace of mind to the occupiers. I will definitely be using and recommending Ekho for future projects.”

Ehko’s advanced, next-generation capabilities include: a communication range of 1200 metres, approximately eight times further than typical wireless devices; the use of unlimited devices per expander; and detection device battery life of 10 years, approximately twice that of typical systems.

The Ekho system is fully-expandable and configurable to any size and complexity of building. In addition to LPCB approval, it is also the only wireless full-range fire detection system to have the radio equipment directive (RED) approval, which sets essential requirements for safety and health, electromagnetic compatibility, and the efficient use of the radio spectrum.

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