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King County International Airport secures first hybrid electric fire vehicle

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Oshkosh Airport Products, a division of Pierce Manufacturing Inc. and subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation, has revealed that the King County International Airport-Boeing Field (KCIA) is now the proud owner of the first-ever hybrid electric fire engine in the United States. This environmentally-friendly vehicle represents a revolutionary stride in airport rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) vehicles.

The first of its kind: A hybrid electric fire engine

With the addition of this pioneering vehicle to its fleet, KCIA is setting a precedent for other airports in the nation to follow. The advanced vehicle will contribute to the replacement of older fire engines in KCIA’s existing fleet.

The hybrid electric ARFF vehicle, known as the Striker Volterra 6×6, is the brainchild of Oshkosh Corporation. Thanks to the company’s proprietary technology, this fire engine not only meets the urgent response needs of an airport but also adheres to environmental sustainability goals.

Technical details: How the hybrid fire truck operates

Built with an Oshkosh patented hybrid-electric drivetrain, the Striker Volterra 6×6 offers zero-emissions operation. This is made possible through integrated onboard batteries and an uninterrupted power supply, which pairs with the internal combustion engine to keep the pumping and drive systems running smoothly.

Contributing to environmental sustainability

Speaking about the commitment to environmental sustainability, King County Executive Dow Constantine stated: “Climate change is an urgent global crisis that requires us all to do our part, in ways large and small, to shrink our carbon footprint.” He added, “Operating a major international airport, this first-of-its-kind hybrid fire truck is another way we are leading the way on reducing both carbon emissions and the harms to communities most impacted by ambient pollution.”

The role of King County International Airport

The Striker Volterra 6×6 will be a significant addition to KCIA’s resources. The airport, located just four miles south of downtown Seattle, is one of the nation’s busiest primary non-hub airports with an average of 180,000 takeoffs and landings each year. Its emergency personnel maintain a unique combination of roles, holding certifications as commissioned police officers, Washington State Firefighter I and II certifications, and ARFF training, as well as Emergency Medical Technician certification.

Looking ahead: The future of environmentally friendly fire fighting

John Parrott, Director of KCIA, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating: “We are thrilled to lead the way in bringing the Striker Volterra ARFF vehicle to KCIA.” He highlighted the superior performance and environmental benefits of the hybrid electric vehicle, calling it a “significant investment in our climate goals and vision of a world-class airport.”

In conclusion, Jack Bermingham, Business Unit Director for Oshkosh Airport Products, stated: “The Striker Volterra ARFF is tailored to provide operational excellence without compromising on environmental values.” He expressed confidence that KCIA will benefit from reduced fuel consumption and emissions, while also maintaining top-tier safety and reliability standards. The airport is set to take delivery of its new Striker Volterra ARFF in mid-2024.

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