Latest version of Cerberus PRO launched by Siemens

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As part of its ongoing commitment to its ‘Smarter Protection Matters’ philosophy, Siemens has announced the launch of IP8, the latest version of Cerberus PRO, the company’s comprehensive EN54-13 approved fire alarm system.

One of the central features of the new IP8 version is the introduction of a 1.5A per line high power driver which, importantly, allows more devices to be installed on a single loop, increasing flexibility and improving efficiency.

Another feature of the Cerberus PRO IP8 system is the disturbance-free function testing (DFT) capabilities. Through remote services, maintenance can be simplified and business interruption minimised with monitoring and periodic testing of devices undertaken off-site. This is across devices on the system, from detectors and voice messaging to sounders and beacons. Many of the checks can be performed automatically without the need for any human intervention.

Through its cloud connectivity capability, Cerberus PRO can actually be configured off-site. Device, zone section and area information can all be programmed from a remote location, as can evacuation and control zones.

In order to prevent false alarms, Siemens Cerberus PRO ASA detectors use a patented detection chamber design, dual optical sensing technology and Advanced Signal Analysis (ASA) to optimise response, virtually eliminates false alarms from the deceptive phenomena which regularly cause them such as dust, steam, aerosols, cooking and exhaust fumes.

The benefits of Cerberus PRO and the additional potential afforded by the IP8 innovations means it is already being recognised as the optimum solution for a wide range of applications. In addition to new installations, the capacity the higher power offers to reduce the number of control panels on a fire alarm system is also expected to see a significant increase in the use of the Cerberus PRO IP8 panel to upgrade older third-party manufacturer installations.

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